May 2024: What's New and Improved

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This month we announced a new section to FYI Learn, Learn for Elite. This section, and the courses within, will ensure that practices gain an understanding and attain the best practice knowledge of our Elite plan features.

The much anticipated first course in the new section, Time and Billing, will teach practices how to create Time and Disbursements directly in FYI. The course will also cover managing WIP, processing invoices, and how to utilise these features on a day-to-day basis. We highly recommend practices who have migrated to the Elite Plan complete this course. Refer to FYI Learn.

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We also enhanced the user experience for our practices that are new to FYI. After integrating with the preferred practice management solution, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the Practice Management Sync app screen to remind users to also select the integration as the Practice Management Source. This prompt ensures that this step is not missed in the process, and all relevant data is synced from your preferred practice management solution.

The following are the current practice management solutions integrated with FYI. Refer to these for more information:

The Automation - Apps page was also given a makeover this month, to assist FYI Admins to find and manage apps more efficiently. You can now use the Search bar to find apps by the App name, and to make it even easier, you can narrow your search criteria by filtering on Show Active Apps and Category filter, such as Documents or Compliance. Refer to Automation Apps


For practices on our Pro plan integrated with Xero Practice Manager leveraging Workflow Jobs, the feature has been renamed to Legacy Workflow Jobs in Practice Settings – Jobs. This update reduces the confusion with the Elite plan's Workflow Jobs. The enhancement has been made to the Settings area only, and the existing Workflow Jobs functionality is not affected. The Help Centre will also refer to the feature as "Legacy Workflow Jobs". Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Jobs


Also this month, further enhancements have been made for practices integrated with MYOB using Practice Sync. The Assignment Name can now be used as the Job Name in FYI, giving greater visibility and consistency when using Jobs, for example, on the Jobs Workspace. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with MYOB AE/AO (Australia and New Zealand)

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We were excited this month to also release the Elite plan to our practices in the United Kingdom. To upgrade your plan, refer to Changing your Plan, Billing Details or Practice Details.

We have also made further enhancements to the Elite plan features:


Time & Billing

  • We have introduced the ability to group Time and Invoices Lists, used where Time and Invoice information may need to be viewed only, and a report is not required, for example, grouping all draft time entries by user. This is available in the Practice Menu, along with the Client and Job Workspace. Refer to Grouping Practice Invoice and Time Lists

  • When creating an invoice manually, the default filing cabinet for Invoices can now be set from the Practice Settings – Time & Billing – Invoices tab. Refer to Managing Invoices Settings

  • Notes from Time and Disbursement entries can now be added when creating an Invoice in FYI. This can be done using a new Insert Notes link. Refer to Create an Invoice

Job Management

  • A Default Budget Amount can now be set on a Job Template for both Standard and Workflow Job templates. A Default Job State can also be added to the Job Template. These updates ensure that when a user is creating a job, the default budget amount and job state are automatically populated. Refer to Managing Job Templates

  • The Completed Job State has been enabled for the Lock Time & Disbursements option. When a job is moved to the Completed state, users will be prevented from entering time sheets. Refer to Managing Job States and Practice Management Sync App

For further enhancements made to the Elite Plan, along with more details on features mention above and other enhancements, refer to May 2024 Release Notes.

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