Can practices view when a user has accessed a document shared via Collaborate?

To display the users that have viewed a file on New Collaborate, the SharePoint feature "SharePoint Viewers" will need to be enabled on the SharePoint site.

To enable the SharePoint Views feature:

  1. Open the Collaborate SharePoint site.

  2. Site on Settings - Site Contents.
  3. In the top right-hand corner, click Site settings.
  4. Under the heading Site Actions click Manage site features.

  5. Locate the feature SharePoint Viewers and click Activate.
  6. The page will refresh, and will display Active next to SharePoint Viewers.

After a few minutes, hovering over a document will display the names of users who have viewed a document.

Refer to the Microsoft forum post Is there a feature to run a report to see who has viewed or accessed files on a SharePoint site?

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