Editing Client Details

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If you are an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Clients (refer to Managing User Groups) you can edit client details in FYI. 

To view and edit information specific to an individual Client, click on a Client Name in a list to display the Client Workspace. The Client Name in any list is a hyperlink to directly display the Client Workspace. Refer to Displaying Information for a Client.

Where FYI has been select as the Primary Source for Client Maintenance, the synchronisation frequency with Xero Practice Manager will be adjusted. Refer to Synchronising with Xero Practice Manager where FYI is enabled for Primary Source of Client Maintenance.

Edit a Client

Navigate to the Client Workspace - Summary tab for an individual Client, and select the "Edit Client" icon.

  1. Click the Edit Client button 
  2. Fields will become available to be edited.
    You can only enter or select a value according to how the field has been defined, for example, as Text, a Checkbox, select from a Drop-down, Number, etc.

    The following is an example of entering the value for a Text Custom Field.
    The following is an example of selecting a value for a drop-down field.
    Note: when FYI is enabled as the Primary Source for Client Maintenance the Tax Number/IRD will be displayed partially masked if synchronised from XPM, but once edited in FYI will display the full value.

    Where a field is unable to be edited in FYI due to a limitation by Xero Practice Manager, a tooltip will be displayed. Refer to Edit in PM below.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes made to all the fields and to take it out of editing mode.

Updates will be synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. The sync time will depend on the field that has been edited. Refer to:

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, after editing a client, the 'Pending Sync' tag will be displayed while waiting for the updates to be synced.  This tag is located beside the Client Details in the Client Summary. Once the updates have synced to Xero Practice Manager, the tag will be cleared.

Clearing Client Detail Fields

To clear values from Fields, either delete or click the X next to the Field as required.

Any changes made to Client Details are recorded in the Activity tab of the Client Workspace.


Bulk Update Clients

Currently, Client Details are not eligible for Bulk Update. The following items can be bulk-updated for Clients when selecting multiple clients in a list:

  • Cabinet
  • Send attachments
  • Manager
  • Partner
  • Include in AutoFile
  • Set Custom Field 

For more on Bulk Update for Clients refer to Clients Bulk Update.

Edit in PM

Where a field is unable to be edited in FYI due to a limitation by Xero Practice Manager, a tooltip will be displayed. 


To edit the field, the client will need to be updated in Xero Practice Manager.

When editing the client, the Open in PM button will be replaced with Edit in PM. Click the button to open the client in Xero Practice Manager, where you will be able to update the fields accordingly.


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