March 2024 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • FYI Admins can now archive Categories. Once archived, Categories will be hidden from view and no longer available to select from. Categories can be archived and unarchived as required, however, they cannot be archived when in use by Users, Client AutoFile settings, Views, or Automation Processes. Refer to Managing Categories.

  • For practices on the Elite plan, we have also introduced the following features:

    • You can now map FYI Custom Fields to Xero Tracking Categories, allowing for more detailed reporting within Xero. When creating an invoice in FYI, the selected Custom Field values will be selected as a Tracking Category in Xero when the invoice is synchronised. Refer to Managing Invoices.

    • When creating or editing a Progress or Final Invoice for a Billing Job, you can now manually update the invoice value for each Workflow Job. The Invoice Total will be recalculated, with the amount first allocated to Disbursements before distributing the remaining value against any WIP entries. Refer to Create an invoice (Elite)

    • We have added a new Disbursement Invoice Type, used when invoicing only the Disbursements entries for the job. The Disbursement Invoice Type is available both when manually creating an invoice as well as the Custom Process - Create Invoice Automation Step. Refer to Create an invoice (Elite) and Process Step Details - Create Invoice (Elite).

    • In addition, the merge field {{ TotalDisbursement }} can be added to the Create Invoice Automation Process Step - Invoice Amount to automatically invoice the total cost of all disbursements for the job (Standard and Billing Jobs only). Refer to Process Step Details - Create Invoice (Elite).

    • Disbursement Rates can now be customised to select a Tax Rate when invoicing the client. Tax Rates are synchronised from the Xero Ledger account connected to FYI (if using multiple Ledgers, it will be the first one connected to FYI). Refer to Managing Rates for Time and Disbursements (Elite)

    • We have added new Filter Types to Automation Processes, allowing practices to run automations based on Invoice or Time views. Refer to Setting up Custom Processes.

    • When editing an Invoice, you can now make changes to the Invoice and the updates will not be saved unless you click the Save button. Click Cancel to discard the changes. Refer to Opening and Editing Draft Invoices (Elite)

  • For Implementors:

    • When migrating documents to FYI, files with a name starting with ".azDownload" will be excluded from the migration. Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?

    • Refiling requests will now include Archived Documents. Refer to Implementors: Refile Documents

    • FYI will create Categories as part of the migration. These categories can be archived, however the archived category must be unarchived to display in the Document Drawer. Refer to Managing Categories.

    • When Refiling documents, an entry will be added to the Document - Activity section showing the name of the user that requested the refile. Refer to Implementors: Refile Documents


  • When using FYI Desktop App to edit documents, file names will be updated with a unique version number to ensure that multiple users can update and finish documents successfully. The Document Name in FYI will not be impacted.
  • When using New Collaborate to delete Client Share Settings, users will be unable to share documents to Collaborate for the client while settings are being deleted. If the Share Settings cannot be deleted for any reason, an error will be added to Practice Activity.
  • When using an Automation Process to update a document Filing Category using a Merge Field, the correct category will be applied
  • When migrating to FYI for Practice Management, invoices created in FYI with an Invoice Date from before the selected Migration Date will synchronise and update the status from Awaiting Payment to Paid successfully. 
  • When migrating to FYI, an error will be displayed if the selected database does not match the expected database format e.g. if the selected database was Virtual Cabinet, but the Migrate App was expecting MYOB.
  • Practice Activity will display a Failure event when Practice Sync has not communicated in over 24 hours.
  • When uploading a Client CSV file with Custom Fields, existing Custom Fields selected for the client will not be cleared.



  • The General Settings - Views list now includes additional columns for "List" and "Automation", allowing FYI Admins to see at a glance where a View might be in use. For Elite (Beta) practices, an additional column for "Report" is also available. Refer to Managing Views.

  • When configuring New Collaborate, it's no longer mandatory to select an Email Template from the Configuration window. Practices can still select an Email Template at any stage, so that when sharing documents the Email Template is selected by default. Refer to Set up and Create a New Collaborate Site (New Sites only) and Set up and Create a New Collaborate Site (Upgrade from Legacy Collaborate)

  • When trying to add a user to the New Collaborate Sharing Settings, a "Failed to Add User" error will be displayed if the user was previously removed from FYI but remains within Microsoft 365. The error will include a link to a Help Article with steps to resolve the issue. An alert will also be added to Practice Activity. Refer to We were unable to create the guest user in Microsoft 365.

  • We have added a new alert to Practice Activity when Practice Sync has not updated data in the last 24 hours. This will allow FYI admins to identify when the Practice Sync app is not running or may need to be restarted. Refer to Practice Activity and Practice Sync Desktop App has stopped synchronising.

  • Jobs synchronised from IRIS using Practice Sync will now have Job Names created using the format of (Job Type Description) (End Date) e.g. "Year End Financial Statements and Return Preparation 31/10/2024". Refer to Synchronising Clients, Jobs and Users with IRIS (United Kingdom only).

  • For practices on the Elite plan (Beta), we have introduced several new changes:

    • We have introduced Client Maintenance, so you can now choose to enable FYI as the primary source for creating and editing clients. Practices will be able to maintain data from a single platform, with changes to clients immediately available in Automations and Reporting. Refer to Enabling FYI as the Primary Source for Client Maintenance and the articles in Client Maintenance.

    • For users of Client Maintenance, we have also added improved functionality when adding addresses to clients. The new Address Search field uses the Google Maps API to look up addresses and display matches below. Clicking on an address will automatically populate the address fields with the matching address. In addition, if the Postal and Physical addresses match, click the Same as Physical Address button to remove the need to manually re-enter a postal address. Refer to Creating Clients in FYI (Beta).

    • Where FYI has been selected as the Practice Management source, we have introduced a new "Financial Details" section to the Job - Summary tab. In this section, you'll find the WIP, Budget, Actual, and Invoiced amounts, Hours, and more. Refer to Job Summary (Beta).

    • In the User Profile drawer, to remove any confusion we have renamed the "Productivity Target" field to "Productivity Target %", and "Working Hours" to "Expected Working Hours". Refer to Managing Users.


  • New users created via Practice Sync will only be created if they have a valid email address. An error will be displayed in Practice Activity when the user is unable to be created.
  • Custom Fields will now only synchronise with Xero Practice Manager when they have been edited by a user in FYI.
  • We have resolved an issue where an error synchronising a Custom Field with Xero Practice Manager would cause the integration to disconnect.
  • When creating a job, we have restored the ability for users to select a Job Category.
  • When sending an email with the AuthorEmail merge field in the Email Signature, a hyperlink will be created for the author's email address.
  • For practices integrated with Microsoft Teams, clicking the link in a notification will display the associated document or task successfully.
  • When deleting a Custom Field used in an Automation Process, an error will be displayed with the Process name. The user must remove the Custom Field from the process before reattempting to delete the field.
  • When filtering Documents by the Client or Client Group filters, results will now include clients that belong to multiple Client Groups without displaying an error.
  • When sharing documents via New Collaborate using an Automation Process, the Collaborate Site Link merge field will be populated correctly.
  • When using the Alter Document step, changes made using the Add Category field will be applied even if a Cabinet is not selected.
  • Clients synchronised from APS using the Practice Sync will populate the Partners and Managers fields successfully.
  • We have resolved an issue where creating a Word document in an Automation process would display the error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'query')".




  • Practice Activity will now display an Alert when a Client or Job cannot be synced to Xero Practice Manager as the User selected in FYI does not exist in XPM. Refer to "Skipped sending ... as User does not exist in XPM" displays in Practice Activity
  • Autofiled documents, such as email attachments, shared via New Collaborate can now be unshared from the Client's Collaborate tab. The document will also be successfully removed from their "Share Folder" in SharePoint.
  • When removing a Collaborate Guest User from the Share Settings, using the "Delete Sharing" option will remove the guest user from Microsoft 365 if they do not have Sharing Access for any other clients. If the user cannot be removed an alert will be added to Practice Activity.
  • For practices on the Elite Beta, Credit notes from the practice's Xero Ledger will now be successfully imported to FYI.



  • In the Clients Collaborate tab, the Share Link and Upload Link buttons in Sharing Settings have been moved behind the new Options button. This change applies to both Legacy and New Collaborate. Refer to Resending the Folder Links Manually and Sharing the Share Folder with the Client.

  • For practices on the Elite Beta:
    • Version 3.2 of our Aged Receivables Report has been released. Refer to Managing FYI Excel Master Report Templates.
    • The Job Reference field now has the option "Job Number" available on Job Templates. Selecting this option will populate the job number as the Reference on Xero invoices. Refer to Managing Job Templates (Beta).
    • When creating an Invoice, additional lines "Interim Amount" and "Total Invoiced" will display underneath Invoice Amount when the Type of Progress or Final is selected. This gives greater visibility to users when invoicing.  Refer to Create an invoice (Beta).


  • When using drag and drop to import multiple document templates, the Template Name will now be displayed correctly.
  • For practices on the Elite Beta:
    • When users click "Refresh" in Home - My Time tab, time details will now include time entered in a separate browser tab. 
    • Workflow statuses of "Awaiting Payment" and "Paid" are now available on AutoComplete for Tasks created by Automations.
    • An error message now displays in Practice Activity when an invoice cannot be synced to Xero because the contact has been archived. 
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 has now ended. Refer to Announcing the End of Life for Internet Explorer 11 (Action required by 30.11.2023).
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