Why can’t I access attachments from migrated emails?


When I click on an email that was migrated from my legacy document management system, I can see it has attachments in the Preview, but I cannot access the attachments via the FYI Drawer.


Migrated emails do not display the same as emails saved directly into FYI. If an email containing an attachment(s) has migrated from your legacy document management system, it means only the email contains the attachments. The attachments themselves are not stored within FYI as a separate document.


If a migrated email has attachments that you wish to file to FYI, you must export the email. You will then be able to open the exported email and then drag and drop the attachments into FYI.

Refer to Using Export to Access Attachments and Drag & Drop for more information.

Note: If using New Outlook for Windows, when trying to open the exported email, the following error may be displayed:

  • Sorry, the file (attachment name) couldn't be opened. The file's content type is (type) which is not currently supported.

You will need to switch back to Legacy Outlook to open the email. Refer to the Microsoft article How to access old emails on a new version of Outlook

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