Error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0') or "Could not find document" when previewing a spreadsheet


When a Spreadsheet has been created by an automation process, the spreadsheet cannot be previewed without encountering one of the following errors:

  • Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')
  • Could not find document


The spreadsheet has been created with both Merge Fields and Merge Names enabled.

These settings control how Merge Fields from FYI are sent to the document, and with both options enabled, causes a conflict. 

Refer to Including Merge Fields in Excel Templates and Including Merge Names in Excel Templates.


  1. Click on the document to open the Spreadsheet drawer

  2. In the Filing section, ensure only one of the following options has been selected (click on the toggle to disable the other option):
    • Merge Fields
    • Merge Names


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