FYI Elite Onboarding Wizard

The FYI Elite Onboarding Wizard guides practices through the process of migrating to FYI for Practice Management.

Complete each step shown here to enable the required settings and configure FYI for your practice. Links have been provided to Help resources, including Training Videos. 


Using the Onboarding Wizard

Open each section in the Onboarding Wizard in turn by clicking the section heading. The steps to complete that section will be shown within.

This shows how you are progressing as you complete each of the steps. Some steps can only be accessed once you have completed the preceding step(s).

Steps may contain links to:

  • Help Article
  • Video Tutorials
  • In-app Shortcut (displayed in grey)

Click the grey button, for example, Billing, to be taken directly to that page within FYI. 

When you have finished a section, click Complete at the bottom of the section, or click on the tick box in the heading. The section will be updated with a green tick to indicate those steps have been completed. 


Sections of the Onboarding Wizard

Before you Begin

This section prepares you for the migration to FYI by tidying your WIP and preparing for any additional cabinets or categories required for filing invoices.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Enable Elite in PM

It's time to get things underway, starting with upgrading your FYI plan to Elite. You'll also be prompted to activate the Time & Invoices setting, enabling features for users to manage their time and invoices directly within FYI.


To complete this step, click the Complete button.  

Configure Settings

In this section, you'll be guided through configuring the settings to customise FYI for your practice. Create Time Rates and Time Types, assign rates to your users, update permissions, and more.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 


In this step, you'll be prompted to begin training your team on how to create Time and Disbursement entries.

In the next step, you'll enable FYI as your Practice Management solution. From that point on, all time will need to be entered directly into FYI. Use this time to train your staff so they're ready to go. 


You can also find more Practice Management tutorials in our Help Centre.

To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Switch on FYI as PM

In this section, you will officially set FYI as your Practice Management solution. From this point on all time will be used to enter Time and Invoices. 

You'll also be guided through connecting to your Xero Ledger to ensure invoices are synchronised successfully. 


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Invoice & WIP Migration

During the migration process, you'll import outstanding WIP from Xero Practice Manager to FYI. This is where the tidy-up completed in the first step will speed up this section.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Configure and Update Jobs

While the WIP import is being processed, you will be able to configure the new features available for your Jobs. For example, configure Job Templates, which Job States are locked to prevent additional time or disbursement entries from being created, and update Custom Fields.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Finalise Migration Reconciliation

Once the WIP Import has been completed, you will be able to reconcile your outstanding WIP to confirm the balances are correct.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Training and Go Live

Now that you're live with FYI for Practice Management, you should continue to work through the remaining Video Tutorials to take advantage of all of the new features.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. 

Displaying the Onboarding Wizard for Active Clients

Once you have gone live, an FYI Admin will be able to continue to access the Onboard Wizard from the settings. This provides them with access to all of the onboarding information and processes, training links, and in-app links to configure associated settings.


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