Managing Tasks

The Practice Settings for Jobs allow you to configure a variety of settings related to how jobs are used by your practice.

Displaying the Tasks Practice Settings

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. 
  3. Select Practice settings from the drop-down, and then select General.
    734 Pract Settings Admin.gif
  4. Click the Tasks tab.

Task Settings

Default Task Start Date

This controls whether or not the Start Date on Tasks defaults to today's date.

  • When Default Task Start Date is enabled in Practice Settings, the Start Date is set automatically as today's date on any Tasks that are created as stand-alone Tasks or from an email, document or job. This is currently not applicable to Tasks created with automation processes.
  • When Default Task Start Date is not enabled, the Start Date in the Task is blank and can optionally be set when the Task is created.

Task Due Days

This sets the default for the Due Date when tasks are created. When a task is created, the Due Date is set as the specified number of days from today's date. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Task Job Category

This controls whether or not users can select Job Category when adding Tasks that are associated with a Client.

  • When Task Job Security is enabled, a Job Category field is included when creating a task and Job Category can be included as a column in Task lists.

Task Security

This controls whether or not a Cabinet can be selected for Tasks. By default, this is not enabled.

  • When Task Security is enabled, and users create a task, they can select a Cabinet to add the Cabinet security to the task. A user can only select a Cabinet that they have access to via their User Group setting. Enabling Task Security also automatically includes the Cabinet column in Task views.
    This ensures that only users with access to that Cabinet can see the task, for example, for sensitive areas such as HR or performance management.
    Also where a task is created In an Automation process, the Cabinet can be selected or where a task is automatically created as linked to a document, the task cabinet is inherited from the document created.  Refer to Creating a Stand-Alone Task and Create Task in Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.

  • If Task Security is not enabled for your practice, a Cabinet cannot be selected when users create a task.

Task Templates

This controls whether Task Templates are enabled for your practice.

  • When enabled, the Task Templates tab displays in the Knowledge Workspace. An FYI Admin or users with Templates permissions can create Task Templates for your practice. Users can then select a template when creating a task from FYI, Outlook and Office. Refer to Creating Tasks.
    Also where a task is created in an Automation process, a Task Template can be selected to pre-populate the details of the task. Refer to Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.
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