Cannot save workbook - "Errors were detected while saving (filename)"


When trying to save a document, the user encounters the following error:

  • Cannot save workbook - "Errors were detected while saving (filename)"

Other users are able to save the document successfully.


If other users are able to save the file, the issue will likely be caused by something specific to that user's environment.


To resolve the issue, the following items should be reviewed. Please note you may need to refer to your IT administrator.

  • Check if the document is linked to sources, and if the file references still exist. If not, remove the sources from the file along with any data links.
  • Check which add-ins are running. If the spreadsheet requires a particular add-in, confirm it hasn't been disabled.
  • Check if the anti-virus is attempting to prevent the file from saving.
  • Check the Office Trust Centre settings are not causing a conflict. Refer to the Microsoft article View my privacy options in the Microsoft Office Trust Center.
  • If Microsoft tried to repair the file, check the log file to determine what changes were attempted in the repair process. The location of the .xml file is at the bottom of the error message.
  • Check if custom formatting is being used as mentioned here.
  • Check if a copied image (eg. C1, C1.2) is causing the issue by removing it as outlined here.
  • Check any VBScript for code that may be causing a conflict.
  • Troubleshoot errors following the Microsoft article Troubleshoot why Excel doesn't save changes

Important: If the document was created from a template, once you have determined the cause of the error you should update the template to avoid the issue from reoccurring. 


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