Integration with My Workpapers

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My Workpapers is a cloud software solution for accountants and auditors, with instant workpapers, automatic standardisation, critical reminders, and more.

By integrating My Workpapers with FYI, you can import your documents from FYI into My Workpapers Engagement Files.

To find out more, visit My Workpapers.

Connecting FYI to My Workpapers

Step 1 - Obtain the Access Key ID and the Access Key Secret from FYI

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Click the Apps tab.

  3. Click the My Workpapers cog icon to edit the integration.

  4. In the My Workpapers integration panel click Create new secret. This will generate a new Access Key ID and Secret Key used to connect to FYI.

  5. The Access Key Secret will be displayed in a pop-up. Click the clipboard icon to copy the key and paste it into My Workpapers, or a secure location, for example, a vault.

    Important: You will only be able to view the Secret Key the first time this window is displayed. If the key is required again, you will need to disconnect the integration, request a new key, and reconnect your integration.

  6. Click Done once you have saved the Secret Key to a secure location.

  7. The Access Key ID will be displayed. Click the Clipboard icon to copy and paste the information to My Workpapers or a secure location.

Note: For this integration, the AutoFile defaults in FYI may be disregarded.

Step 2 - Adding the FYI Access Key ID and Access Key Secret into My Workpapers

Once you have obtained your details from FYI, you can add them to My Workpapers to connect the two systems.

  1. From My Workpapers, click the Spanner icon.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click the Integration heading to expand the menu.

  4. Click Enable Integration.

  5. Paste the Access Key ID from FYI into the Access ID Key in My Workpapers.

  6. Paste the Access Key Secret from FYI into the Private Key in My Workpapers.

  7. Click Save Keys.

The page will refresh, and FYI will now be connected with My Workpapers. 

For more information refer to the My Workpapers article Linking MyWorkpapers and FYI Docs.

Using the Integration

Once you have connected FYI with My Workpapers, you can search for documents to import based on the Client Name, Cabinet and/or Year. Documents can be bulk imported to the same folder, or if required, separate folders selected during the import process.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, refer to the My Workpapers article Upload documents from FYI Docs.

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