Using the Tasks Group

Tasks can be displayed using the Tasks Group view. This view groups tasks based on the due date, allowing users to keep manage tasks and have clear visibility on overdue tasks. 

Displaying the Tasks Group

The Tasks Group is displayed from the Home - Tasks tab. Click the Group button in the top right-hand corner.


Tasks are displayed in three groups - Past Due, Today, and Upcoming

The group name includes the total count of all incomplete Tasks in that group. Click the Group Name to expand the group and see the list of Tasks. The columns displayed are Status, Due Date, Client, Delegator, Priority, and Subject. Icons related to each task are displayed on the right, for example, Comments, and Process Checklists.

Note: List View filters are not applied when changing to the Task Groups view.


Updating Tasks

Task Groups allow you to edit the Due Date and Subject of the Task directly from within the Group. Click on the field to make the changes without leaving the view.


To complete a task click the minus symbol. The Status will be set to Completed and removed from the list.


Opening Tasks from Task Groups

To open the Task Drawer and view details of the task click on the Client NameDelegator, or Priority field. The Task Drawer will open to display more information.

Click the X button in the top right-hand corner to close the drawer and return to the Task Group.


Icons will be displayed for Comments and Process Checklists. Click the Comments icon to open the task. If you click the Process Checklist icon the Process History tab will open.

Re-displaying the Tasks List or Board

To re-display Tasks using the List or Board view, click the List or Board buttons in the top right-hand corner.

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