May 2023: What's New and Improved



This month we've introduced the ability to view and search for Job Numbers in FYI. The Job Number is available in the Jobs List as both a column and filter, as well as now being available in:

  • Jobs Summary pane
  • The Workflow Jobs tab
  • Home - Jobs tab
  • Jobs List Export
  • Search Jobs box at the top of the Jobs Workspace

Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.

This month we also bring the following enhancements and features for our users:

  • When using the Draft in Outlook option to send an email to Outlook, the email is now marked as sent in FYI immediately. Users can then manage the email from Outlook directly. In FYI, the Workflow will be marked as completed.

  • We've added a new "Me" drop-down option when managing Clients, Jobs, Automations, Tasks, Task Templates, Time, Custom Fields (when set to the "User" type), and when selecting the Partner for users in Practice Admin. Once saved, the field will be set to the current user.

  • We've added extra information to the Client - Tax tab for our Australian and New Zealand users. New columns include the Period From/To dates, the Status (Draft, Filed etc), and Year. Australian users also have a range of value columns available, for example, Estimated Income, Payable/Refundable etc. 

  • We've created a new article Including Merge Fields in Automations, including a section Advanced Merge Fields and Formatting. In this article, we cover useful tips like how to calculate date intervals, format your dates in a variety of styles, and more.

For further details on the above features, and more, refer to May 2023 Release Notes.

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