Integration with Xplan (Beta)

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Xplan is a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management software program, designed for practices of any size. It helps to reduce administration, maximise your business opportunities and deliver high-impact financial advice.

The Xplan integration with FYI allows practices to import and file critical financial documents in FYI.

Overview of the Xplan Integration

When Xplan is integrated with FYI, you have access to features such as the following:

  • Automatically import critical financial documents from Xplan overnight into FYI.
  • Match clients between systems to automatically file documents (using a Client Custom Field in FYI)
  • Import only the selected Document Types for complete control.

Please note:

  • All clients are synchronised. There is no option to exclude clients if the Client Custom Field is blank.
  • Documents created in FYI are not synchronised to Xplan e.g. File Notes.

This integration is available to all users on an FYI Pro Plan, and you must hold an active account with Xplan. Refer to Join the Xplan Beta.

Join the Xplan Beta

To join the beta, contact the FYI Support Team. Our team will let you know the next steps and help you get underway. 

Create Matching Client Codes in Xplan and FYI

To automatically file documents against a client, you will need to have a matching code for each client in both Xplan and FYI (using a Client Custom Field in FYI). Otherwise, the document will be imported and added to the In Tray, rather than being filed against the client. 

Note: All clients are synchronised - there is no option to exclude clients if the Client Custom Field is blank.

Step 1 - Update the Client in Xplan

To start with, select which of the Xplan Properties you'll be using. For example, the "External Identifier" field in Xplan.

Ensure the client in Xplan has been updated with a unique code in the field you select. For example, if using the External Identifier field in Xplan, we would enter code "284892". Any code can be used, as long as it's not used by any other client.

Step 2 - Create a matching Custom Field in FYI

You will need to create a Client Custom Field in FYI used to enter the same unique code created in Step 1. 

Note: We recommend creating a new Custom Field called Xplan ID, to make the purpose of the field easily identifiable. 

For instructions on creating Custom Fields, refer to Managing Custom Fields.


Step 3 - Update the Custom Field for Clients in FYI

Once the Custom Field has been created you will need to update the Client records in FYI to insert the code matching their account in Xplan. Refer to the "Editing Client Custom Fields" section in the article Client Custom Fields.


Once you have confirmed you have updated the matching fields in both systems, you'll be able to configure the matching in the Xplan App settings in FYI. 

Connecting Xplan to FYI

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. Locate the Xplan app, and click the cog icon to access the settings.

  4. Enter the Site URL for Xplan and click Connect.

  5. You will be prompted to log into Xplan.

  6. Enter a Username and Password.

  7. Click Login.

  8. You may be prompted to enter your login details a second time. If you see this message, it's just a warning about a duplicate account, and you're likely already logged into Xplan in another window. Enter your details again and click Login.

  9. Click Allow to connect FYI with Xplan.

  10. Once the connection is complete you will be returned to the Xplan App settings in FYI. A red "Disconnect" button will now be displayed. You will also be able to see the account and the Authorised User. 


Configuration Options

The Xplan integration allows you to configure several options to ensure the most efficient processing of imported documents.

Read below for information on how to configure these options.

Match Clients via

Select the fields used in Xplan and FYI to match clients as per the section Create Matching Client Codes in Xplan and FYI above.


When documents are imported, auto-filing will occur depending on whether a matching client can be found, and if there are duplicate codes for the fields selected in the Match Clients via section i.e. the same External Identifier is used for more than one client.

Condition Document Imported Filed against Client
No matching client found feature-yes-tick.svg feature-no-cross.svg
One matching client found feature-yes-tick.svg feature-yes-tick.svg
Duplicate matching clients found feature-yes-tick.svg feature-no-cross.svg

If there is no matching client, or if a duplicate has been detected (where the integration is unable to determine the correct client) the document will be imported and added to the In Tray of the user who connected the integration. Refer to Managing your In Tray for information on how to process the document.

Reminder: You can share your In Tray with other users, for example, if you need to delegate unfiled documents or will be away for an extended period. Refer to Sharing your In Tray.

Note & Sub-Note Types to Import

You can select which Document Types you would like to import into FYI. Types are displayed in a hierarchy, with Types and Sub-Types displayed. 

For example, select 'General' and de-select 'Client Contact', 'Invoices, and 'Record of Advice - No Charge' to prevent those Sub-Types from syncing. 

Note: The Type, such as General, must be selected to sync through the Sub-Type documents.


Once imported, documents will be filed against the Cabinet selected in the Automation Process specified in the Xplan Import Automation Process (covered further below).

Where any Documents have attachments included, these attachments will be included in the import.

Documents created in FYI are not synchronised to Xplan.

Note: Documents that were manually imported into FYI from Xplan will be duplicated when the integration is connected. 

Activate the Xplan Import Automation Process

A new Automation Process will be available for Xplan, created automatically. This process runs every 24 hours nightly. Before documents can be imported you will need to activate the Automation.

  1. In FYI click the Automation menu.
  2. On the Processes tab locate the Xplan Documents process and click on the cog icon.

  3. The fields and steps will be automatically populated.

  4. Update the step if required, for example, to change the Cabinet the documents are filed against. 
    Note: All documents will be imported to the same Cabinet.

  5. Click the Status Draft toggle to activate the automation.

  6. The Automation will become active, and the first documents will begin synchronising overnight.
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