Documents are opening as read-only


Documents from FYI are opening as read-only and can't be edited.


A recent Microsoft Office update has caused a 'read-only' issue in older versions of Office, including 2016, 2019 and in some cases 2021.

At FYI, we have investigated this issue as far as we can but ultimately the fix lies with Microsoft. However, you can use the following four issues to resolve the issue.


Until Microsoft provides an update, you may be able to resolve the issue using any of the following options:

  • Close the affected document and reopen it from the "FYI - My Edits" folder (refer to Opening, Editing and Finishing Editing Documents)
  • Use the FYI Desktop App to open and edit the document (refer to FYI Desktop App for instructions)
  • To permanently resolve the underlying issue:
    • Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft 365
    • Alternatively, rollback the latest Microsoft 365 update 
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