February 2023 Release Notes




  • Announcing our integration with Notud, where handwritten notes captured on iPads, tablets or other devices are imported and filed into FYI as PDF documents. Refer to Integration with Notud.

  • In Process Automations, users can now choose the Convert to PDF step to convert a document to a PDF as part of a Process. Refer to Process Step Details - Converting to PDF.


  • After sending a support request, additional details may be requested to allow the Support Team to further analyse the request, such as recording a video to capture your screen. From the Help icon, select Record Support Video and create a Loom video. The Loom Link can be copied directly into your reply email. Refer to Sending a Support Request.

  • When connecting your NowInfinity integration, and the Sync Sub Accounts setting is toggled to 'On', all documents for the sub accounts available to the connected account will be imported into FYI. For existing practices using this functionality, you first must delete all existing connections, and then add a single connection to the parent level account and toggle on the Sync Sub Accounts setting. Refer to Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI.

  • In Practice Settings - Admin - Users, you can sort and filter columns in the Users list. Refer to Managing Users.

  • Implementors: When refiling documents using Refile, you can now clear a category option by selecting the option "Clear Selection" at the bottom of the Categories drop-down list. Refer to Implementors: Refile Documents.


  • When stapling or unstapling documents in Documents Lists, the action is recorded in the Activity section in the drawer and displays the user and date and time the action was completed.
  • When using FuseSign for digital signing and a document upload has failed due to authorisation issues, a detailed message displays in Practice - Activity 'Failed to upload document due to an authorisation issue. Reconnect FuseSign and try again.' 
  • When a user is set to Inactive in the User Profile, the user is directed to the login page the next time they log in.
  • When the Jobs list displays with resized columns, and users toggle between Unhide/Hide Inactive Jobs, the column widths are retained.
  •  When creating a task for a Job using a Task Template, if there is no Job Category associated with the Job, the Job Category from the Task Template will default if it is set in the Template.
  • When emails that are part of a thread contain images either in the email signature or body of the email, the images continue to display when replying to or forwarding any part of the thread. 



  • For practices migrating from a database system such as MYOB AE and Virtual Cabinet, you can toggle "On" Match to active clients only. This allows only documents and emails for active clients in your FYI Client List to be migrated. Refer to Onboarding Wizard..

The Co-edit with your team settings have moved. This allows practices to get up and running with Co-editing documents internally first, and follow with Co-editing documents with clients once you're ready. There is no change to the functionality of the Collaborate features.

When configuring or editing 'Co-edit with your team' settings, the following settings have moved from the Collaborate app to the OneDrive app in the Automations workspace. This is applicable for practices maintaining Co-edit settings and for practices getting started with Co-edit. 


  • When using the Create Job step in an automation, the Budget field accepts either a valid number or the merge field {{ TriggerBudget }}. Using the merge field allows you to create a new job with the Budget value set from the job triggered from the job view filter. Refer to Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.
  • When using bulk update to edit job due dates in quick succession, the updates synchronise to XPM.
  • After displaying a job from the Jobs list, the job is available for quick access from the Jobs menu. 
  • Character limits have increased for client and contact details and sync correctly from XPM. For example, client name and address fields have increased to 255 characters and phone number fields have increased to 100 characters.
  • When Partner and Manager fields are set for a Job in XPM, they will update the Job in FYI once the staff synchronisation is complete.



  • Copying a Task Template from the Knowledge - Task Templates tab also copies the values for the Cabinet and Job Categories. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates.
  • When using spelling suggestions in Microsoft Edge, text is no longer duplicated when a spelling option is selected.
  • In Automations, when attaching a document to a Create Email step, you have the option of attaching a document that has been created in a preceding step, or selecting 'Trigger Document' to attach the document from the document filter to the email. Refer to Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.



  • Introducing Task Templates. Task Templates allow users to select a task template when creating a task in FYI, Office or Outlook. FYI Admins or users with Templates permissions can create Task Templates from the Knowledge workspace.
    To learn more about creating task templates, refer to Task Templates.
    To learn more about creating tasks from a task template, refer to Creating Tasks.


  • The Company Number column can be added to the Clients List and can be filtered to display all clients with a Company Number. This enhancement supports the Companies House integration for UK practices. Refer to Import from Companies House.


  • In the Create Email drawer, select Add Document to attach a zip file. The zip file is attached and displays the file size directly below the file name.
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