Why is AutoSave turned off when I edit a document from FYI?


Every time I edit a Word or Excel document from FYI, AutoSave is not enabled. When I turn AutoSave on, the version synced back into FYI does not contain my most recent changes.


There are three possible causes for this issue:

  1. The FYI Desktop App folder location has been updated and is no longer in OneDrive. By default, the FYI Desktop App folder sits within your OneDrive/Documents location.

  2. Microsoft OneDrive setting is unchecked "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" that is unchecked.

  3. When a file is not located in OneDrive and AutoSave is then set to "On" in the Office application, OneDrive will ask for an account to be selected. Once selected, it then creates a new version of the document in OneDrive, which is a different version from the version in FYI and changes are not reflected.


To resolve your issue, follow the options below:

Update your FYI Desktop App to use a folder within OneDrive 

    1. Right-click the FYI Desktop icon in your toolbar and select Settings.
      Note: You may need to click the ^ arrow to find the icon


    2. The Settings window will be displayed.


    3. Check if the Document Path to the "FYI Desktop" folder includes OneDrive. If not, click Browse from the Settings section.

    4. Navigate to OneDrive and select the FYI Desktop folder.
      Note: If the FYI Desktop folder doesn't exist, right-click in the window and select New > Folder and name the folder "FYI Desktop"

    5. Click Select Folder.

    6. Click Save to save the changes to FYI Desktop.

Enable OneDrive Setting

Ensure OneDrive has the setting "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" checked. To do this:

  1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in your toolbar

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click the Office tab
    Note: If this option is not available, and you're using Office with a work or school account, the setting may be controlled by your IT admin. Refer to the Microsoft article Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open

  4. Tick "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open"

Upload the new Document to FYI

Where a file has been created and worked on in OneDrive and it differs from the FYI version, it can be added as a new version in FYI. Refer to Uploading a New Version of a Document.


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