Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients

When creating or editing an Email, Document, and optionally for Tasks, you select the Client in the Filing Details. You can also select a Client when using Bulk Update for documents.

Selecting the Client with the Client Name or Email Address

Type at least three characters of the Client Name to display all Clients containing those characters. Then click to select the required client.


You can also type all or part of the Client's Email Address to search for the Client.


In some cases, the search may find text that is in the Client Name or the Email Address.


Client Automatically Selected

If you are creating an Email, Document or Task from the Client or Job workspace, the Client is automatically added as the Client the information is being displayed for. This is also the case when creating a Job from the Client or Job workspace.


Changing the Client

If you need to change the client an email or document has been filed to, click into the field and begin typing over the selection. 

Select the new client, and update the filing options if required.

Note: This functionality is available from the FYI Drawer and FYI Add-ins.


Deleting the Selected Client

You can override the selected Client by typing over the selection.

When creating an email, document or task, or as relevant when using Bulk Update, you can click the x in the Client field.

Note: This functionality is available from the FYI Drawer and FYI Add-ins.


If the document has already been filed, you will not be able to remove the client.

If the document has been filed to a Knowledge Cabinet, export and reimport the document using Drag and Drop. Refer to Exporting Documents and Drag and Drop.

Refreshing the Clients from the Client Selector

When creating or editing an Email, Document or Task, and you search for a Client in the Client selector field, you may find that the search is not finding a newly added Client, or is not finding the client if the Client Name or Email address has been changed in your practice management software.

If a new Client has been added to your practice management software, or a change has been made such as to the Client name or the Email address, and the data has been synced, the change will not be reflected in the Client selector until the Clients have been refreshed.

Note: This functionality is available from the FYI Drawer and FYI Add-ins.


If the change has been synced to FYI, you can refresh the Clients directory from the Client selector field by clicking Refresh.


The following example is where the client has been found from the Email Address, but the change to the Client name has not been refreshed. You can use the Refresh to refresh the change that was made to the Client.


After the Refresh, enter the search again to find the new or updated Client.


The Refresh is also available when filing an email from Outlook.

This will be added in the future to the Filing details when using the FYI Browser Extension.

Last Refreshed Time and Refreshing from the Clients List

When displaying the Clients list, the time that the Clients list was last Refreshed displays at the top of the Clients list.


You can also refresh from the Clients list by clicking Refresh at the top of the Client list.


Syncing from your Practice Management Software

If the new or changed Client is still not found in the Client selector, check that the Client Sync from practice management software has been done. Refer to Sync in Using the Clients Lists.

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