September 2022 Release Notes




  • In lists, the vertical ellipsis that displays next to the name of an email, document, client, task or job has been reinstated. Clicking the vertical ellipsis display the tools as a pop-up menu. Refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar.

  • When changing the Workflow Status of an email or document, this now shows a Comment button and a Cancel button. Clicking Comment changes the Status and sends the Comment about the Status change. Refer to Reviewing and Approving Emails and Documents.

  • In Automation Processes, in the Update Job step, you can now set this to update the Current Job that triggered the automation, or a a Job created from another step. You can alternatively select a specific Job to update by searching in the Job field. Refer to Updating the Current Job or a Specific Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.


  • In New Lists:
    • Time stamp is now displayed for the Modified Date on documents in the Client Summary.
    • When items have been selected in a list, and then a sort is applied, this no longer affects the count of selected items.
    • In Practice Settings - Admin - Users, the Name Filter can now be set as "Contains" or "Equals".
    • When a view is set to show a specific Filing status such as Removed, the filter for Filing Status now correctly reflects the view setting.
    • In Templates, Standard users can no longer see templates with a Status of Draft or Archived, the Filing Status column as been renamed to Status and clicking the "Unhide/Hide Archived Templates" now reloads the list immediately.
    • The filter for Client Name now has the option for "(Blank)" as the top of the list.
    • In the Documents list, adding columns and then searching no longer resets the list.
    • When filtering in columns that can be filtered on a blank user, this now consistently shows the filter option as "(Blank)".
    • In Practice Settings - Documents - Views, the View Name can now be changed.
    • When loading new lists, these no longer display the Loading message with the blue background.
    • When saving a modified existing View, this now re-loads correctly across all Views.
  • A Client can now be selected when creating a Task.
  • Improvements to the preview of documents to render complicated documents correctly.
  • When using the FYI Desktop App, the file name of downloaded documents now shows with spaces not underscores.
  • Disabling and re-enabling Client Security now correctly re-enables the Client for the relevant user.
  • Emails can now be added to a Knowledge Cabinet using drag and drop.



  • In an Automation Process, when using the Create Job or the Update Job step, you can now set the Start Date or Due Date as "Current Date" to set the date as 'todays' date'.
    In the Create Job step, Start Date and Due Date can also be set as "Trigger Start Date" or "Trigger Due Date" to to use values from the Trigger Job(s).
    Refer to Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.


  • In the Clients lists, a Client can now be set as the Primary Client from the list
  • If the OneDrive Sync fails to load the Practice Sync, this now adds an entry in the Practice Activity.
  • A Cabinet can no longer be deleted if if it has been assigned as the practice default.
  • In Automation Processes, when setting up the schedule, the OK button now shows correctly when selections have been made.
  • In Clients lists, clicking Refresh refreshes the list immediately without the previous delay.
  • For documents that have been imported via Zapier, setting the Source column in documents lists in FYI now shows the documents.
  • When filing an email in Outlook, when using the drawer to file the email, after clicking on an unfiled attachment and filing the attachment, the Back arrow link in the drawer of the attachment is now available to re-display the relevant email.
  • When a Job is created in FYI or Xero Practice Manager with an Assigned User this now creates an entry of the updated the Assigned User in the Job - Activity tab.
  • When displaying the Filter for a Text Custom Field, this now shows all the values that have been used in Clients or Jobs.
  • When saving a Documents list with “Show documents for clients of My Partner“ enabled, when the Partner is changed for the current user this shows the correct clients for the user.
  • When clicking the link from a Summary Notification email for Client Upload, this displays the Documents list for the relevant documents.
  • When displaying the History for a Process, the Job name is now displayed where relevant.
  • In the Jobs Summary Notification, this now shows the correct count when the data is filtered by a custom field.
  • When receiving multiple documents that have been sent for signature via FuseSign, the Reference number to the original document is now correctly shown.



  • In New Lists:
    • Categories now display in the order set from Practice Settings.
    • Modified on and Created on dates now display with the timestamp.
    • Date format on Clients list now display the same as other lists in the format dd/mmm/yyyy.
    • When an In Tray has been shared with another user, this now displays those items.
    • Documents are now correctly showing in an archived client.
    • Documents are now displayed in Knowledge cabinets.



  • Documents lists, Knowledge lists and the Practice Activity list now display with the New Lists layout. This gives new and enhanced functionality. This includes the Documents lists that display in the Client and Job workspace and in the Home tabs. Other lists such as in the Practice Settings - Admin and Practice Settings - Documents, and the Process History lists also now display with the New Lists layout.

For a short video (without sound) on the main features of using Documents Lists, refer to New Lists: Rollout and What It Means for Your Practice.

  • Practice Settings - Documents - Views, an FYI Admin can now Archive a View. This will remove the View from users, but if it has been selected as a Filter in an Automation, it will still work as the Filter in the Process. Refer to Managing Views.

  • In the Clients - Contacts tab, you can set which Contacts for the Client you want to Include for Autofile. Only those Client Contacts what are nominated as Include in AutoFile will be considered during automatic filing of emails if an email is received from the Contact. On the Client - Contacts list, you can click a Contact to open the drawer and select or de-select Include in Autofile. Refer to Client Contacts.


  • You can now select or de-select a Client Contact as Include in AutoFile. Client Contacts nominated as Include in AutoFile will be considered during automatic filing of emails if an email is received from the Contact. On the Client - Contacts list, you can click a Contact to open the drawer and select or de-select Include in Autofile.  Refer to Client Contacts.


  • Export Code is included in the Bulk Export via AWS,
  • Adding a Client Group to a Client in Xero Practice Manager and syncing to FYI creates a correct entry in the Client - Activity tab.
  • In the Clients lists, when displaying Unmatched clients, the "Unmatched" indicator now displays with a yellow background.
  • In the Clients list, when selecting Columns from the List icon at the top of the column, the columns that are not included in the list are now displayed in alphabetic order.
  • Correction to an error in an Automation Process for a Summary Notification with a Job View filter, where the Notify User was set as the Assigned User for the job.



  • The limit of the number of emails and documents that display in the users' In Tray has been increased to 500. Refer to Managing your In Tray.

  • In Practice Settings - Admin - Users, when opening the User Profile for a user, this now includes an Activity section. This shows changes made to the User profile, with the name of the user who made the change, and also shows any changes the user made themselves in their My Settings. Refer to Managing Users.


  • In an Automation Process with a Document filter applied and the Inherit toggle disabled, when this includes an Execute Process step with a Job filter and a Create Job, the Job State is now applied correctly.
  • When adding Custom Field definitions, this no longer allows Custom Fields to be added with the same name as an existing one.
  • When using the Bulk Export via Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 directory, the Year in the report.csv is now correctly included.
  • When adding Time, the Notes section of the Time entry is now correctly populated with the type and name of document that the Time is being created for.
  • When syncing users from GreatSoft, if a user with the same email already exists FYI, this now updates the user in FYI instead of creating a new user record.
  • When opening a system view, and then creating a new view from it, this no longer incorrectly gives a message that you are modify a system view.
  • Enabling or disabling Client Security correctly adds or removes the relevant Client from the search after a refresh of a list has been done.
  • On Client workspace in the Jobs, Documents or Tasks tabs, opening the Filter Drawer and then opening the Group drop-down now display the drop-down correctly.
  • Disabling Sample Content now hides the Sample clients in a search and hides the Sample cabinet in the Cabinets list.



  • Users can now have the additional option to set their AutoFile Mode as AutoFile else in tray. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings. This is only applicable if Email AutoFile is set "On" in your practice's Email Autofile settings. If this is set differently for the practice, the selection in a user's Settings will override the practice setting for AutoFile Mode.

  • In Practice Settings - Admin - Users, an FYI Admin can now set the AutoFile Mode of the selected users. Refer to Managing Users.

  • A new option for AutoFile Else In Tray has been added to the Email AutoFile Settings to allow Emails only (In Tray for attachments). Setting AutoFile Else In Tray - Emails only (In Tray for attachments) "On", emails are auto-filed as long as the AutoFile conditions are met, but attachments are always sent to the user's In Tray. The original setting AutoFile Else In Tray has been renamed as Emails & Attachments and this is the default setting.
    Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

    Note: When the AutoFile setting for your practice is AutoFile Else In Tray - Emails Only (In Tray for Attachments) the users own settings must be selected as "Practice Default" (refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your own Login - My Settings).
    An FYI Admin can use the Bulk Update for Users to set this if needed (refer to Changing Filing Defaults and Settings with Bulk Edit in Managing Users).

  • Enhancements to the Home - In Tray
    • The Home - In Tray includes an additional column Source. This shows the source of the emails and documents in the In Tray as additional information and can be used to filter the In Tray. This displays, for example, as "FYI" for an email, as "Attachment AutoFile" for a document that was attached to an email, "My Imports" for a document that has been imported to the In Tray from your FYI - My Imports folder.
    • The Job column is automatically included in the In Tray.
    • Any of your Categories can now be set up as Available in In Tray (refer to Managing Categories). This automatically includes the Category as an additional column in the In Tray for all users.
    • Refer to Managing your In Tray.

  • In an Automation Process, in a Create Job step, this now allows Job Custom Fields to be added to the Job that is created. These can be set up to add values for Custom Field from the triggering Job.
    Refer to Create Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • Client - Contacts now display in the New Lists layout. Refer to Client Contacts.


  • For an email created as “Draft in Outlook“ via an Automation, this now correctly populates the From field in the People section of the drawer.



For a short video (without sound) on the main features of using Clients Lists, refer to New Lists: Rollout and What It Means for Your Practice

  • When creating or editing an Email, Document, and optionally for Tasks, if the Client you are looking for in the Client selector field of the drawer is not found, you can now click the Refresh icon to refresh the Clients. This may be the case if a new Client has been added in your practice management software or the Client Name or Email address has been changed, and the sync has been run but you have not refreshed your Clients list. Refer to Refreshing the Clients from the Client Selector in Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.


  • When sending multiple documents from FYI via Adobe Sign, if the combined pack needs to be approved before sending to the client, the Workflow Status in FYI can be set to "Pending Approval". The Approver can then open the pack in Adobe Sign using the Web Link in FYI, check it and send it to the client from Adobe Sign. This will set the Status of the pack in FYI to "Pending Client Signature". Refer to Digital Signatures using Adobe Sign.

  • When clicking I am finished editing in FYI, in the event that the Office document is locked by OneDrive an option has been added to Force stop editing. This can be used if you have ensured the document is not open elsewhere and if the OneDrive lock lasts much longer than it would normally. Refer to Force Stop Editing of a Locked OneDrive Document in Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.


  • Correction to an error where, when sending an email from FYI to an external email address, this was not displaying the senders name in the From field.
  • In the Notifications tab, when selecting the Notification Type as "Automations", this now returns the Notifications from Automations.
  • When using Bulk Update to change the workflow from "In Progress" to "Completed" this no longer removes any Tags in the documents that have been updated.
  • In an Automation Process, when using the Create Job step set with the Assigned User set as as “Trigger Assign User“, this now correctly sets the Assigned User from the Job that triggered the Process and, if there is no Assigned User in the triggering job, the new Job is created with the Assigned User set as blank.
  • Correction to an error in Documents lists where the View selector was not displaying any views when the list was initially displayed.


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