New Lists: Rollout and What It Means for Your Practice


New Lists enables richer insights across clients, documents, jobs, tasks and more within FYI. With new and enhanced functionality, practices now have the ability to have calculations across groups, extended filtering and greater customisation such as column widths. 

We’ve been busy working on the development of New Lists to FYI - a very exciting update to our platform!  With such a significant update, we will be staging the rollout of New Lists across the workspaces in FYI.

Rollout of New Lists

As the beta program wraps up, we thank them for their feedback and are now ready to release New Lists to all practices.

The rollout of New Lists is now complete. 


Release Timings

Release 1: Released 02/09/2022

Release 2: Released 16/09/2022

Release 3: Released 14/10/2022

Release 4: Released 04/11/2022

We will communicate confirmed release dates via our Facebook User group and FYI platform banner.

Video Sneak Peek
To see new lists in action, watch the trailers below.

Note: The Tasks Board is a Pro plan feature.

What does this mean for FYI Users?

Users will experience new and enhanced functionality including:

  • Autosize will automatically resize the columns in your lists. Users can now also manually resize column widths making it easier to see all content across columns. These widths can also be saved in each view for quicker visibility. 
  • Columns can be pinned to the left or right, so they remain fixed while scrolling across columns.
  • Users can scroll continuously and seamlessly across lists in Clients, Documents and Jobs with no need to click to the next page. The lists will continue to load as you scroll at an appropriate speed. This will be extended to remaining workspaces in the future. 

  • 'Select All' filter options and then deselect some makes filtering a breeze for users.
  • Users can now sort by Client Group in Jobs & Tasks lists, as well as columns containing numbers by ascending or descending order across the platform.
  • Columns can now be grouped to collapse the list with inline counts displayed. This is available for Jobs lists only - a great way to add extra transparency to the jobs across your practice within seconds.

  • Calculated columns are also available on Jobs lists. Removing the need to export to Excel, users now have calculations such as average, sum, minimum and maximum at hand. And the grand totals display at the bottom of the list. 
  • When searching in a Jobs list, the 'Search job' field is now over all available columns.

Here are a few tips for users to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to new lists:

  • The easiest way to apply column filtering is to click the List Settings icon. Your selections will appear as you select. 
  • Whether you are searching for columns and applying filtering from the left-hand tabs, or applying filtering via List settings, once you've completed a search you'll need to clear the search field to display additional selections.
  • If you've recently created a new client in your Practice Management software and need to file or create an email, use the Refresh icon if the client doesn't appear initially.

Who is this available for?

New Lists will be released to all practices on FYI.

What's next?

There's nothing your practice needs to do. Simply wait for our team to release New Lists to you as outlined in our release plan above.

Stay up to date with our releases via our Facebook User group and FYI platform banner.



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