August 2022 Release Notes




  • When a Job State is mapped to the FYI Type of "On Hold", this is now included as an Inactive state. Any Jobs with a State that is mapped to the FYI Type of "On Hold" are only shown when the inactive jobs are shown by clicking Unhide the inactive jobs. Refer to Managing Job States.

  • In the Automation Process step Execute Process:
    • For clarity, the option Apply New Process Filter has been renamed to Apply Additional Process Filter.
    • A new option Block Initiating Process has been included. When Block Initiating Process is enabled, this blocks the initiating automation Process from completing until the Process in the Execute Process step has completed.
    • Refer to Execute Process in Process Step Details - Other Functions.

  • When a BGL account is connected to FYI, this now includes a Reset link that can be used to run a back dated import to resolve Annual statements that have not been automatically filed from BGL, CAS360. Refer to Connecting your BGL account to FYI.

  • The Add Job button has been removed from the Jobs list and the Jobs Board. To create a Job in FYI, click the + button and select Job or press the shortcut key J. Refer to Create Job in FYI.


  • When changing the To, CC or BCC in a draft email, the change is now being correctly saved.
  • Correction to an issue where a Custom Field Definition that was created in FYI was not being synced to Xero Practice Manager so the sync back from Xero Practice Manager was then deleting the Custom Field in FYI.
  • Correction to an error when sending a document for signature via Annature which showed as "Document does not have a client" and the Create button was not working.
  • When clicking the link to a job from a summary notification of an overdue job now correctly opens the job.
  • When entering dates in the Job - Summary for Workflow Jobs, changes are now correctly accepted.



  • When selecting a Process for the Execute Process step, if this uses a Job view as the Filter a check is now made that the Execute Process has parameters set so that Job(s) are selected.
  • Sample Content in the Practice Settings - Sample Content tab can now be disabled.
  • In the FYI Add-in for Outlook, this now excludes any Signature templates and only Email Templates are included.
  • In the Client workspace, this now allows just a Group and a Job to be selected, without having to select a Client. When a Client Group is displayed, you can clear the selection for Client (by clicking the x in the Client selector) to display all the Jobs for the Group in the Job selector.
  • When replying to an email, and then adding attachments, this now correctly shows in the email thread.
  • In a user's My Settings, this now correctly displays the user's name.



  • Additional Learn course released - Accelerating your Workflow. This is in the Learn section Learn to use FYI like a pro for standard users. This covers how to utilise Workflow to speed up the review and approval of emails and documents across your practice. Refer to FYI Learn.


  • The Documents Bulk Update is now run by an Automation Process Document Bulk Update Updates display in the Activity section of the document drawer and, an FYI Admin or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations or Practice Activity can see the updates in the Automation - History and Practice - Activity tabs. Refer to Bulk Update and Bulk Updating of Filing Details.

  • The FYI Migration App will now match documents with a year in the format YYYY/YY, for example, 2018/19 will match to the Year Category 2019. Refer to Implementors: Live Import.

  • When logging into the FYI Desktop App, after the initial install, you can now login either with your Xero login or your Microsoft 365 login. You would usually login with your Microsoft 365 login but if, for example, there is an issue with Microsoft, you can click Login with Xero to login with your Xero Practice Manager login. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

  • For Jobs, throughout FYI (for example, in the Job and Document drawer, Bulk Update, workspaces) this now uses the term "inactive jobs" in place of "closed Jobs". Refer to Managing Job States.


  • When sending multiple documents for signing via Adobe Sign and Annature, and Include Reference is set "On", the reference number is now automatically included in the file name of the documents that are uploaded.
  • The Client - Processes tab now includes only those Processes that filter on Clients or on a Client View.
  • When a Client's Postal Address is removed, this now only shows as one entry in the Client - Activity. 
  • The Merge Client function in the Clients List is now only available to an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Client.
  • In an Email, text that is added to the area of a Signature is now retained correctly.
  • The editing and deletion of Web Links now follows the same rules as other documents depending on their workflow status.
  • Addresses are now available in the Sample clients.
  • In the Xero Tax Return Automation Process, when no Workflow Status has been selected for the Process, Tax Returns are no longer setting the Status as 'Pending Approval'.



  • In your Practice Settings, an FYI Admin can set the Default Font and Default Font Size can be set for your practice. Refer to Default Styles - Default Font and Default Font Size in Managing Practice Settings.

    The selected Font and Font Size are used to set the font in the following:
    • For emails created in FYI, for any text that is entered in addition to the text brought in from a Signature and Email Template.
    • As the default font for text when creating a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting.
    • In Knowledge - Templates (Refer to Default Styles in Using the Knowledge Templates List)
      • As the default font for any new Email Signatures or Templates.
      • When using the Apply Default Styles, to set the font and font size of all the text in the Signatures or Email Templates selected in the list.
      • Apply Default Styles can also be used in the Editor in an open Signature or Email Template Email to set the font and font size of all the text in that Signature or Email Template.

  • You can now integrate FYI with Teams as an alternative method to email when notifications are sent by FYI. Refer to Integration with Microsoft Teams.


  • Enhancements to the View selector in lists. Refer to Searching in Lists.

    • You can use the Search at the top of the View selector to find a View. Enter one or more characters to find the View(s) that contain what you have entered anywhere in the View name. Click the X in the Search to clear the search text.

    • Where there are a lot of Views for the list, the View selector now displays with a scroll bar.

  • Enhancement to the selection of XPM Task when creating and editing Time entries. Refer to Adding Time, Displaying and Updating Time and Adding Bulk Time Entries.

    • If your practice has Workflow Jobs enabled, when creating or editing a Time entry for a Billing Job, if there is only one Workflow Job, this is automatically selected as the XPM Task for the Time entry.
    • If your practice does not have Workflow Jobs enabled, when creating or editing a Time entry for a Job if there is only one XPM Task for the Job this is automatically selected for the Time entry.


  • When using Reply All to an email in FYI, this no longer includes the sender's email address as a Recipient.
  • Correction to an issue where, when a Task was not assigned to a client, users who are not an FYI Admin could not open the Task drawer.
  • Correction to an issue where the cursor jumped randomly when editing an email in FYI.
  • Correction to an issue where an email from Outlook that was a thread and was for multiple clients did not always give the option to select the client.


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