Announcing Workflow Jobs



Workflow Jobs revolutionises how practices monitor and track their Xero Practice Manager (XPM) Tasks in FYI. 

Our newest feature is designed for practices using an Annual Billing Job set up in XPM, (with or without Ignition). While the XPM Job still syncs to FYI, we now also sync the XPM Tasks attached to those jobs. 

The key here is that the XPM Tasks are created as Workflow Jobs in FYI, giving users the full functionality they are used to when working with Jobs in FYI.  

What are we solving with this feature? 

  • Transparency to XPM Tasks that you haven't had before 
  • Removing the challenge of being able to adequately track workflow for each interim piece of work in your practice 
  • Keeping FYI's jobs features at your fingertips - bulk update key details and quick access to your workflow in My Jobs 
  • No need for double entry - all of the information is already available in XPM.  

With job states now available for workflow jobs (XPM Tasks) in FYI, workflow has never been so easy!


What does this mean for FYI users? 

  • Update workflow jobs with key details that are not available in XPM, such as budget and job state 
  • Bulk updates can be made to workflow jobs to update start date and due dates to quickly schedule your jobs, or a custom field
  • Custom user roles applied to workflow jobs gives greater transparency on responsibilities 
  • Quick access to all workflow jobs (XPM Tasks) assigned to a billing job (XPM Job) 
  • Workflow jobs assigned to your team will display in Home - My Jobs, giving quick access to what they have on
  • Use the Jobs Board to visually see where each job is at, including those that have gone over budget 
  • Makes time entry even easier! 
  • Use workflow jobs in automations such as sending outstanding work reminders and to auto-create documents for job kick off. 


Who is this available for? 

Workflow jobs is available to practices on the Pro plan integrating with Xero Practice Manager. 

Want to get started? 

Read more about Workflow Jobs in our Jobs Best Practice Guide.

An FYI Admin will need to enable and map workflow jobs before all users can access this feature. Refer to Enabling and Setting up Workflow Jobs and Workflow Jobs.

All users will be able to update the job state, but to update other key details and custom fields the appropriate permissions will need to be given. Refer to Updating Workflow Jobs and Creating New Jobs.


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