"You are not configured with a signature" when adding a signature to a Word document


I am using the FYI Add-in to add my signature to a Word document (refer to Inserting your Signature into a Document in the Workflow section). I have checked that I have the image of my signature in my My Settings - Documents tab. The following message is displayed:

"You are not configured with a signature"


You may be logged in with a different FYI account which does not have a signature in the My Settings.


  1. Click the Sign out link on the bottom right-hand corner of the FYI Drawer to log out of the FYI Add-in. Refer to Sign Out in Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.
  2. Then log back in.
  3. Check that you are logging in with email address that matches the account you use in FYI and that has the signature image in your My Settings - Documents tab. Refer to Individual Settings and Status.


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