When adding a user, they see a message "Approval required". How do I approve this?


I am adding a new user to FYI Docs and I have created the user and sent an invitation. When the user accepts the invitation the below message displays that they need admin approval. I am an admin user. How do I approve this?


Note: Should the message display "Need admin approval" refer to When signing into the FYI Add-in, a message displays "Need admin approval". How do I approve this ?


This could be caused by one of the following. See below for the solution for each of these.

You are an admin in Azure Portal but not in FYI

If you are an admin in Azure Portal, but not in FYI, your IT administrator may need to provide consent.

Refer to the Microsoft help article Review admin consent requests.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as one of the registered reviewers of the admin consent workflow.
  2. Select All services at the top of the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. In the filter search box, type and select Azure Active Directory.
  4. From the navigation menu, select Enterprise applications.
  5. Under Activity, select Admin consent requests.
  6. Select the application that is being requested.
  7. Review details about the request:
    • To see who is requesting access and why, select the Requested by tab.
    • To see what permissions are being requested by the application, select Review permissions and consent.
  8. Evaluate the request and take the appropriate action.
  9. Ask the user to try to access FYI.

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Azure is expiring the consent request

If a user receives the approval required banner again after a number of days, the consent request may be set to expire due to the admin consent workflow.

For information on how to configure this, refer to the Microsoft help article Configure the admin consent workflow.

Your IT department could alternatively grant tenant-wide consent for FYI. Refer to the Microsoft help article Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application

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