Exporting Custom Processes

Custom Processes and their associated document and email templates can be exported out of FYI. The Export creates a .zip file for each process that is exported that can then be imported in FYI, for example, for use by another practice.

Note: Automation Processes using the Filter Type "Client - Select Filters" can not be exported.

Exporting Custom Processes

  1. From Automations - Processes, display the List View.
  2. Select the Process(es) that you want to export by ticking them in the List View. A toolbar will be displayed at the top of the List. 
    Tip: Right-click on the Process to display the toolbar as a pop-up


  3. Click Export.


A message displays to show the progress of the export.

The Custom Processes are downloaded as .zip files. Each .zip file is named with the name of the Process.

They are usually downloaded to your Windows Downloads folder, but this may be to a different folder if your browser has been configured with a different default download directory.

To import the exported Processes, refer to Importing Custom Processes and Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop.

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