New Feature: Bulk Update Custom Fields & Job Details in FYI



Not only can you create and maintain custom fields in FYI, you can now apply changes in bulk - removing the need to make single updates per field and client. This new feature will save you time and provides the opportunity to expand key data across your practice.   

Changes to job details, such as Name and Budget, can be made in bulk too. 

With real time syncing back to XPM, it’s now even easier to maintain your practice data in FYI. All updates are available within 15 minutes, so there is no need to wait for an overnight sync, or to perform a manual sync to update the data.  

Here’s some inspiration showcasing how to use this great new feature: 

  • Add a tax lodgement due date to all your clients. 
  • Update job start date and due dates on the fly in internal workflow meetings. 
  • Keep your services list up to date for each client.
  • Easily add User Roles to clients and jobs to truly reflect who’s responsible for what.  
  • Reallocate jobs – whether updating Partner, Manager, User Roles or all three, this is now a breeze with one easy update. 

For peace of mind, all updates are tracked in the Activity tab in the Client, Job and Practice workspaces, as well as Automations - History. See who made the change and when they made it – giving you an additional layer of transparency on client and jobs records! 


What does this mean for FYI users? 

  • Users can bulk client and job custom fields and immediately access the updated fields for automations and views. 
  • Update key job details to ensure job data is always accurate. 
  • Only users with relevant permissions can update custom fields and job details, giving practices more control on who does what! 
  • Full transparency on changes can be found in the Clients & Jobs Activity tabs, as well as Practice Activity and Automations History tabs. 
  • This is a two-way sync, which means changes to client and job custom fields, and job details in XPM will sync through to FYI overnight or via a manual sync. This excludes changes made to XPM Tasks (known as workflow jobs in FYI) – only updates to XPM Task Name, Label and Estimated Hours will sync back to FYI.

Who is this available for? 

Bulk updating custom fields and job details in FYI is available to practices integrating with Xero Practice Manager. 

For practices not using Xero Practice Manager, this feature is still available but there is no sync between FYI and your practice management software.  

Want to get started? 

To bulk update custom fields and job details, your FYI Admin will first need to update permissions to include ‘edit clients’, ‘edit jobs’ and ‘edit custom fields’ for the appropriate user groups. Refer to Managing User Groups.

Once the permissions are set up, users can bulk update custom fields for Clients and Jobs, as well as job details. Refer to Clients Bulk Update and Jobs Bulk Update.

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