March 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we delivered our latest Product Update, introducing some exciting new features and revealing what’s on our roadmap. Over 90 minutes, we showed new ways to maintain your client data, shared our best practice for Jobs, gave more insights into your practice and made sure you know how to get more out of FYI. If you missed it, the recording and recap can be found here. 


Here are a couple of new things now available in FYI: 

  • Adding more functionality to the Create Email step in Automation Processes, you can now: 
    • Select Partner and Manager as an email recipient. This is a great way to easily cc the appropriate person into a client email!  
    • Select a Custom User Role as the sender of an email. This gives you more depth to who can send emails to clients, rather than being limited to only Partner, Manager or a specific user!


  • Our latest course in Learn has been released - Managing Templates and Stationery. This course is designed for FYI Admins to learn how to create and maintain templates, stationery and email signatures for your practice. 

Other recent highlights include:


  • A saved view can now be selected in Home - My Jobs. What’s more this view is sticky -  which means you can jump between My Jobs and the Jobs workspace without losing your selected view! Refer to Your Home Workspace and Displaying Jobs from Other Lists.



  • You can now import multiple Custom Processes by dragging and dropping the import files on to the Automation - Processes tab in the List View. Refer to Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop. 
  • The Description added to an Automation Process is now included in the Processes List View as an expandable column. 
  • You can now split an automation process using the option ‘Apply New Process Filter’ in the Execute Process step.

There are two options: 

    • When set to “No” (the default setting), the filter used in the initiating process is used as the filter for the Execute Process step.  
    • When set to “Yes”, the filter from the new Execute Process automation is used.  

This is a great way to send an email series to clients, and where you need to vary content due to their location, this can now be achieved easily with this new feature.

Refer to Execute Process in Process Step Details - Other Functions


Apps and Integrations 

  • When sending a document for signing via Annature, if an invalid phone number is held for the client, the phone number is ignored and no longer displays an error. Your envelope will still import to Annature or be sent immediately to the client.  

Practice Settings 

  • In the Learn page, we’ve now separated courses into two sections - Learn for New Users and  Learn for FYI Admins. This makes it easier for users to know which sections and courses they need to complete. Refer to FYI Learn.


  • Practices can now enable Sample Clients to be created from Practice Settings. This creates a set of sample clients that can be used when trialling and training users. Refer to  Managing Sample Content. 

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to March 2022 Release Notes. 

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