Enabling and Setting up Legacy Workflow Jobs

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For information on using Legacy Workflow Jobs, refer to Legacy Workflow Jobs.

The Legacy Workflow Jobs function is only available for practices on the Pro plan integrated with Xero Practice Manager, not to be confused with the Workflow Jobs feature available to users on the Elite plan.

Before you begin

Once enabled, Legacy Workflow Jobs cannot be disabled. We strongly recommend reviewing the features and considering this for your Practice. Refer to the following articles before enabling Legacy Workflow Jobs.

Step 1 - Before Enabling Legacy Workflow Jobs, set any historical Jobs as "Complete"

Before enabling Legacy Workflow Jobs in FYI, review your Jobs list and ensure that any jobs (current or historical) that are no longer active are set as "Complete" in Xero Practice Manager. This will prevent unnecessary Legacy Workflow Jobs from being created at the initial sync.

Important Note: Incomplete XPM Tasks attached to inactive Xero Practice Manager Jobs will not sync to FYI.

To set historical Jobs as "Complete":

  1. In FYI, go to a Jobs list.

  2. Check any historical jobs that should be set as inactive.

  3. Bulk update them and set the Job State as "Complete".

  4. Ensure the Jobs have synced to Xero Practice Manager.
    Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager and Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

Step 2 - Enable Legacy Workflow Jobs

Legacy Workflow Jobs are enabled by check marking Legacy Workflow Jobs in your Practice Settings. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Jobs.

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.

  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. 

  3. Select Practice settings, then select Jobs.

  4. The Settings tab will be displayed.

  5. Click Legacy Workflow Jobs to enable the setting.

  6. A confirmation message displays to confirm that you have done any necessary reviews, and cleaned up any complete Jobs.

  7. Click Yes to continue.

Step 3 - Initial Sync of Legacy Workflow Jobs

Once Legacy Workflow Jobs has been enabled in your Practice Settings for Jobs, a sync needs to run. You can either run a manual sync or allow the automatic sync to run overnight.

Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager and Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

After the initial sync, all existing "Incomplete" XPM Tasks are synced to FYI and converted to Workflow Jobs.

Legacy Workflow Jobs will be synchronised from Xero Practice Manager for any Billing Job with a Job State with a "Standard" Type i.e. Job States considered to be open. Refer to Managing Job States. Tasks for any inactive jobs in Xero Practice Manager are not synced to FYI.

After the initial sync, any new XPM Tasks created in Xero Practice Manager are synced as Workflow Jobs. This is synced either automatically each evening or with a Manual Job Sync.

Note: Custom Fields are not synced from the XPM Task custom fields. In FYI, you can add any values to the Custom Fields for Workflow Jobs using the Custom Fields tab in the Job Workspace (refer to Job Custom Fields).

Step 4 - Set up Assigned User Roles Mapping

Assigned Users are added for Workflow Jobs using Custom User Roles.

Note: This does not apply to Billing Jobs.

  • The Custom User Roles to be used for the Assigned Users in Workflow Jobs first must be set up in your Practice Settings for Jobs in the Mappings tab. An FYI Admin can select one or more Custom Fields that are used to record the Assigned User(s) for the Workflow Jobs. Refer to Managing Mappings.


  • The Custom Field in FYI must be defined with the Type set as "User" and set up as Applies to Job (or both Client and Job). Refer to Custom User Roles.


Once the is has been set, any Workflow Jobs that have a user added to the relevant Custom Field will be updated to the "Assigned" user.

Note: It is important to set up the Custom Fields that will be used for the Assigned Users in the Mappings tab before selecting the user in the Custom Fields tab of the Workflow Job.
If the Custom Fields are not already mapped, and the User is selected for the relevant Custom Field in the Workflow Job, it will not show in the Job - Summary, Assigned shows as "Unknown" and the Workflow Job will not show in the relevant User's Home - My Jobs tab. When this is the case, you need to use Jobs Bulk Update, select the Custom Field that has now been mapped and select the Name of the User you want to apply.

Step 5 - Select the Assigned Users

Once the relevant Custom User Roles have been set up in the Practice Settings - Jobs - Mappings tab, an FYI Admin or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Custom Fields, you can select the relevant user in the Custom Fields that have been mapped for the Assigned users for Workflow Jobs. Refer to Job Custom Fields and Assigned Users in Legacy Workflow Jobs.


The names of the Assigned User(s) are displayed on the Job - Summary tab in the Assigned field. If the Assigned User has been selected and is not showing, refresh the Job - Summary (press Ctrl+F5 or refresh the browser).

The users are also displayed in the Job drawer in the Assigned Users section and as the users' initials on the Jobs Board.

Note: Assigned users for Workflow Jobs do not sync to Xero Practice Manager. Assigned users are only for display in FYI and to determine the Legacy Workflow Jobs that are included in the relevant user's Home - My Jobs.

Step 6 - Setting up Views to Show the Job Type

When Legacy Workflow Jobs is enabled, Jobs display with the Job Type in the Jobs lists and Job - Summary tab. This shows "Billing" or "Workflow" as relevant. Refer to Displaying the Job Type in the Jobs List and Job Workspace in Legacy Workflow Jobs.

You can include the Job Type in views. It is recommended to update any saved views so they include the Job Type. Updating the saved views will make them available in the Client - Jobs tab and Home - My Jobs to ensure that users also see the Job Type of "Billing" or "Workflow" in these tabs.

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