Best Practice for Standard Jobs and Workflow Jobs

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Standard Jobs

Standard Jobs in FYI is the default setting, which means this will be your starting point, with no settings to update.

Standard Jobs are recommended for practices when:

  • XPM jobs are created for each piece of work that is completed for a client
  • You are not tracking or monitoring XPM tasks.

Workflow Jobs

Workflow Jobs is recommended for practices using an Annual Billing job with the ability to monitor and track their XPM tasks.

Workflow Jobs provides transparency to XPM tasks from within FYI, without having to duplicate information. Your Jobs list will reflect both XPM Jobs and XPM Tasks and will display as Billing Jobs and Workflow Jobs in FYI.

Refer to our Best Practice Guide for Jobs to learn how to get the most out of Jobs, and how to set up Standard Jobs and Workflow Jobs to easily track and monitor your workflow in FYI.




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