February 2022: What’s New and Improved



Over the last 2 months, our team has been busy re-architecting parts of the FYI platform to further improve performance and to allow for the continual growth of our client base. That project has drawn to a conclusion, as has the month of February. 

Here are a couple of new things now available in FYI:

  • Our latest course in Learn has been released - Getting Started as an FYI Admin. This course is designed for FYI Admins to learn how to set up FYI to suit your practice. The course includes topics such as cabinets and categories, users and user groups, and practice wide settings. Refer to FYI Learn.

  • Need to know the ‘who and when’ of a change made to a client or job? You can now find that information in the Activity tabs of the respective workspaces – consider this an audit log! Refer to Client Activity and Job Activity.



Other recent highlights include:

Clients and Jobs


  • The Update Job step now includes all custom field types. Refer to Update Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • A description can now be added to a Custom Process. This is a great way to give your team more context on automations in your practice. When you import any of our sample automations, note the details section is a free text field and includes a description of the automation and when you would use it. Refer to Details in Setting up Custom Processes.

  • Adding a Note to an individual process step is now possible. This can be used multiple ways – such as give details about what the step does, why it is used, and for internal reviews. Refer to Editing, Cloning, Adding Note, Deleting and Moving Steps in Automation Process Steps.


Practice Settings

  • Our System Status page has had a facelift! You can quickly display the status of our key services, by region. And for practices using Teams, you can now subscribe to receive status updates to a channel of your choice. A great way to stay up to date! Register for updates at https://status.fyidocs.com/

  • We’ve added the Admin Learn Dashboard view in the Users list to give visibility on who has (or has not!) completed our latest course. Further admin courses will be added to this view as they are released.  Refer to Learn Dashboard and Admin Dashboard Views in Managing Users.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to February 2022 Release Notes.

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