Job Documents, Tasks, XPM Milestones, XPM Tasks, Comments


The Job - Documents tab lists any documents that have been filed under that job. The Job - Documents list displays as follows.


For details on using the Cabinet Explorer tab in the Job - Documents, refer to Using the Cabinet Explorer.


The Job - Tasks tab lists any Tasks that have been created and filed under the Job. These are any tasks that have been created for any documents under that job, or any stand-alone tasks that have been created and filed under that job.

This initially displays Incomplete Tasks and the view can be changed, for example, to All Tasks.

This includes both stand-alone tasks and tasks that have been created for emails and documents that relate to that job.

Refer to Displaying Tasks by Job.


XPM Milestones and XPM Tasks

These tabs display the XPM Milestones and XPM Tasks from Xero Practice Manager.

Tasks will not be synchronised to FYI if the State in XPM is set to "On Hold" or "Completed".

If the XPM Tasks tab isn't displayed then Workflow Jobs have been enabled, and XPM Tasks can be found on the Workflow Tasks tab instead. Refer to Workflow Jobs.


The Job - Comments tab lists any Comments that have been added to the job.

Refer to the section Comments.


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