January 2022: What’s New and Improved



We’ve kicked 2022 off with the release of two new features – task categories and creating and editing custom fields in FYI – as well as enhancements throughout the month.  

  • Categories are now available for Tasks. Meaning you can identify and manage high priority tasks, or any other key data important in your practice. These categories can be used as filters in Task lists, and display in Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks tabs. Refer to New Feature: Prioritise Tasks using Categories to get started.

    Here’s a little insight into the development of Task Categories We were receiving a lot of requests for this feature and rather than adding a priority option to Tasks, we decided to take a broader approach. As no practice is the same, there needed to be choice, particularly around selecting the priority status that best suits your practice. Introducing the ability to add a Category to a Task has been a well-received this gives you the ability to add a category with your preferred options to Tasks, and the "Priority" Category being a community favourite. 😉

  • Get instant visibility when you create and edit Client and Job Custom Fields in FYI! This feature gives you immediate access to the updated data for filtering and automations - you no longer need to wait for a sync   FYI Admins can create new custom fields in FYI, and simply enable the Edit Custom Fields permission in User Groups for the wider team to access this feature. Refer to New Feature: Create and Edit Custom Fields in FYI.  

Other recent highlights include:

Search and Retrieval 

  • The Filter Drawer is now available in Home,Clients, Tasks and Jobs lists. You can use the Filter Drawer to easily apply filters to columns that are available in the list, allowing you to easily filter on columns even if they aren’t already visible in the view.



  • Changes have been made to the layout of the Task Drawer. Client, Job and Document link details are now grouped together, and less frequently used fields are now available in the Advanced section. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.
  • Tasks Details are now available as a column in Task Lists. It is included as a default in the "Incomplete Tasks" and "All Tasks" views and can also be exported to .csv file. Refer to Displaying a Practice-wide Tasks List and Displaying Tasks by Client.



Practice Settings 

  • Need to know which team members have completed our Learn courses? We’ve added Learn Dashboard views in the Users list to display this information. Refer to Learn Dashboard View in  Managing Users. 2039_Users_Learn_Dashboard_View.gif

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to January 2022 Release Notes.


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