New Feature: Custom User Roles in FYI



Truly reflect all workflow and client responsibilities in your practice with customisable user roles. 

User roles allow you to assign team members to roles within your practice, such as Accountant and Bookkeeper. It’s a similar concept to Partner and Manager - roles you are already using in your practice.  

Simply assign an active user to a role and they can manage Tasks and Workflows in FYI. Gone are the days of being limited to Partner and Manager. User roles expands the possibilities of getting client work to the right member of your team the first time!   

All edits to these roles are available instantly in FYI. They can be used in automations to assign tasks and manage workflows, as well as applying to list filtering. 

And for peace of mind, all changes are tracked in the Activity tab in the Clients and Job workspaces. See who made the change and when they made it – giving you the transparency you never had on client records!



What does this mean for FYI users?

  • FYI Admins can create user roles that are specific to your practice. 
  • User roles can be applied to a client or a job. 
  • Users with relevant permissions can edit the user roles in the Custom Fields tab in the Clients and Jobs workspace and immediately access the updated fields for automations and views. 
  • Select user roles in automations and assign tasks and workflows directly to the relevant team member. 
  • Only users with relevant permissions can edit user roles, giving practices more control on who does what.
  • This is a one-way sync, which means that for practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, edits to user roles made in Xero Practice Manager will not sync through to FYI overnight or via a manual sync. 

Who is this available for?

Customisable user roles in FYI is available to practices integrating with Xero Practice Manager.

Want to get started?

Creating new user roles is available to FYI Admins from Practice SettingsAdminCustom Fields. Refer to Managing Custom Fields.

To edit user roles, your FYI Admins will first need to update permissions to include ‘edit custom fields’ for the appropriate user groups. Refer to Managing User Groups.

Once the permissions are set up, users can edit user roles from the Custom Fields tab in your Clients or Jobs Workspaces. Refer to Custom User Roles.


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