February 2022 Release Notes




  • Addition of the option to set Job Cabinet Security in your Practice Settings. When this is enabled, this allows a Cabinet to be selected in a Job. As well as giving additional information about Jobs, this allows Cabinet Security to be set on any relevant Jobs. Users only have access to those Jobs for the Cabinets to which they have been given access via the User Group they belong to. Refer to Managing Practice Settings and Managing User Groups

    The Cabinet can be updated in a Job from the Job Drawer or Job - Summary tab, or updated with the Update Job step in an Automation Process. It can also be selected in the Create Job or with the Create Job step in a Process.
    Refer to Job Cabinet in Using the Job Drawer, Job Summary, Create Job in FYI and Create Job and Update Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.


  • Enhanced

    • In Automation - Custom Processes, a description of the Process can now be added in the Details. This can be used to add context for the Custom Process and a description of what it does. The first three lines of the description added in the Details display in the Automation Dashboard under the Custom Process name. Details can now be added to existing Custom Processes. Refer to Details in Setting up Custom Processes.

    • In Automation - Custom Processes, Notes can now be added to individual Steps within the Process using the Add Note tool. This can be used to add comments and provide further context, or to provide a description of what the Step does. It can also be used for internal automation audits. Notes can now be added to Steps in existing Custom Processes. Refer to Editing, Cloning, Adding Note, Deleting and Moving Steps in Automation Process Steps.

  • The initial sync of Jobs from Xero Practice Manager has been extended to sync Jobs that have been created in the last 24 months. This was previously Jobs that had been created in the last 12 months.


  • When clicking I am finished editing, if the document is open or if OneDrive is taking a long time to sync, the message now displays as "This file is locked by OneDrive. Your document might be open, or OneDrive is taking a long time to sync". 
  • If an FYI Admin tries to delete a Category Option that has been used as a filter in a Saved View, it cannot be deleted and a message displays with the name of the Saved View in which it is used.
  • Documents that are refiled to the Templates cabinet using the Refile or Refile Advanced function are now added with the status of "Draft" so they can be reviewed and Merge Fields added before they are they are made available to users.
  • When a Custom Field is updated in the Update Client and Update Job step of a Process, the Custom Field name is now correctly displayed in the Activity log for the Process.
  • In Outlook, Tasks cannot be created if the email has not been filed to FYI. This is to avoid Tasks being created without being associated with a client.



  • The Merge Field Tax_PayableDate in a Template now correctly brings in the date.
  • The overnight sync from Xero Practice Manager no longer clears values for Custom User Roles where fields have been updated in FYI and these do not match the values in Xero Practice Manager.
  • A file can now be removed from FYI Desktop App, if it is still open but has not yet downloaded to FYI.



  • Addition of the Admin Learn Dashboard view in the Users list to display the columns showing the status of each FYI Admin user for each of the FYI Admin Courses. Refer to Learn Dashboard and Admin Learn Dashboard Views in Managing Users.

  • Addition of the Client - Activity tab in the Client workspace and the Job - Activity tab in the Job workspace. These display changes that have been made to the respective Client or Job. These include changes made to the Custom Fields. Refer to Client Activity and Job Activity.

  • Additional Learn course released - Getting Started as an FYI Admin. This course is designed for FYI Admins to learn how to set up FYI to suit your practice. The course includes topics such as cabinets and categories, users and user groups, practice wide settings and setting up your filing defaults. Refer to FYI Learn.


  • In the Automation Process step Update Job, this now also allows any type of Job Custom Fields to be updated by the Process. Also, more than one Job Custom Field can be updated in the same step. Refer to Update Job in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • From a Tasks list or from your Home - My Tasks or Home - Delegated Tasks, when displaying the Task Drawer, the Client is associated with a Task can be added, changed or removed. Refer to Client in Using the Task Drawer.

  • A Date Custom Field can now be cleared in the Client - Custom Fields or Job - Custom Fields tab by clicking the x in the field. Refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.


  • The correct count is now shown in the Test or Run pop-up when testing or running an Automation Process that uses a view saved with Custom Fields selected in filter drawer if the Custom Fields have not been added to the view as columns.
  • Emails uploaded via Collaborate upload are no longer being uploaded to FYI as blank draft emails.


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