Why can't I change a Workflow Status?


I have a document where the Workflow Status has been updated incorrectly, for example, to "Pending client signature". This needs to be changed. Why is the field greyed out so that I can't update the Workflow Status?


If you have selected a Status by mistake for example, you can roll this back and select a Status that is 'earlier' in the progression. But the Workflow Status can only be changed according to your Approval Level. If you cannot change it, you do not have the Approval Level set in your user profile that allows you to change it.

Refer to Changing the Status in Workflow Basics in FYI.


The Workflow Status can be changed by an FYI Admin or a user with the Approval Level set as "Approver".

Your Approval Level can be changed by an FYI Admin in your User profile (refer to Managing Users).


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