New Feature: Prioritise Tasks using Categories




We’re starting 2022 off strong with a great new feature designed to make task management even easier! 

You can now categorise tasks in FYI using parameters important to you. 

Gone are the days of a long task list with no clarity around what to action first – using Task Categories allows you to assign priorities and focus on what’s needed right now. 


What does this mean for FYI users?  

  • Prioritise tasks you assign to yourself, or delegate to others within your practice.  
  • Add additional categories to customise your practice’s task list by what’s important to you!  
  • Create customised Task views for quick access by your team. 
  • Increase your efficiency even more and use custom task views to automate reminders to your team. High priority tasks can use more regular reminders than low priority.

Who is this available for? 

Task categories is available to all practices. 


Want to get started? 

An FYI Admin will first need to create the Categories you’d like to be available for tasks and enable them in Practice Settings. Refer to Managing Categories. 

Once enabled, the categories will be available for use via the Task Drawer. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

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