December 2021: What’s New and Improved




Wow, and just like that another year is done! With nearly 50 new features and more than 120 enhancements released throughout 2021, it’s been a very busy year for the team. There have been many highlights over the last 12 months - from new integrations, to refinements to Email AutoFile and the ability to import sample automations to name just a few. And 2022 promises to be even bigger (but I won’t give away too much on that now 😉)… 


Here are a couple new things you can now do in FYI: 

  • FYI Learn is now available making it super easy for new users to learn the fundamentals of FYI, or for existing users to refresh their knowledge. Refer to FYI Learn. 

  • Practices can now import sample custom automations into their platform. Designed by the FYI team, they are easy to import using the Import Wizard. They even include the templates needed for each automation – making it even easier to start automating your practice! Refer to Importing Custom Processes. 


 Other recent highlights include: 


  • Merge Names is now our recommended method of adding merge fields to Excel templates. Great for large spreadsheets and for bringing content into macro enabled spreadsheets. This uses the Excel Names function and replaces the need to add merge fields via our email template editor. Refer to Including Merge Names in Excel Templates. 


  • When running a Bulk Update, a message will now display when the update has been completed. The pop-up includes a link to Practice Activity where the sync log will show once completed or if there are any issues. Refer to Jobs Bulk Update.


  • Practice Activity is now available as a filter view in Custom Processes. A custom process can be created using a summary notification to alert users to events that require attention, for example if the status is ‘Failure’ or ‘Action Required’. Refer toCustom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications. 
  • Active automations can now be stopped using the Cancel All Pending Executions button. This will stop all instances of the process that are running. A handy button to have should you need to update a template or change the filter. Refer to Stopping a Process that is in Progress. 


  • myprosperity users can now AutoFile documents using RoomsRefer to Room Settings in Integration with myprosperity. 

  • FuseSign practices can now enable Ignore bad phone numbers in the App settings. Meaning that even if a phone number is in an invalid format, signature requests can still be sent to FuseSign. Refer toIntegration with FuseSign. 

 Practice Activity 

  • For any event that displays the status of ‘Failure’, any details and the reason it failed will be displayed in the Drawer. Where relevant, you also have the option to Resubmit the event. Refer to Resubmitting a "Failure" Status Event in Practice Activity. 


For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer toDecember 2021 Release Notes.


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