Learning to use FYI

FYI offers a number of resources to help you learn how to use the platform. 

These include:

  • Learn is our comprehensive eLearning program delivered in-app, and available to all FYI users. We recommend this is your first point of call, when learning how to use FYI.
    Refer to Learn.
  • Learning Resources are our growing library of video tutorials, training webinars and masterclasses.
    Refer to
    Learning Resources 
  • The FYI Help Centre is a comprehensive knowledge base with hundreds of help articles, designed to help you use FYI to its full potential. If you need additional information when starting out, refer to Getting Started 

New Users 

We recommend new users start by getting set up correctly, learning how to navigate and use essential platform features, and building some core skills related to working with Clients, Emails, Documents and Search and Retrieval tools in FYI. 

The topics to cover include: 

  • Before you Begin: Login, check that you can display the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office, and optimise your computer for use with FYI. 

Refer to Learn to complete the Before you Begin eLearning course. If you need extra help, refer to Before you Begin for detailed user instructions. 

  • Learning the Essentials: Learn how to navigate FYI, explore the Client Workspace, file your documents and create your first email. 

Refer to Learn to complete the Learning the Essentials eLearning course. If you need extra help, refer to Learning the Essentials for video tutorials and detailed user instructions 

  • Building Your Foundations: Learn how to use FYI to locate, edit and create documents, and file emails from Outlook and from FYI. 

Refer to Learn to complete the Building your Foundations eLearning course. If you need extra help, refer to Beginner Tutorials for video tutorials and detailed user instructions. 

New Admins 

It is important that new FYI Admins learn how to set up FYI to suit your practice.  

Recommended topics to cover include: 

  • Setting up Cabinets and Categories 
  • Setting up Knowledge Cabinets 
  • Setting up User Groups 
  • Maintaining Users 
  • Setting up your Filing Defaults 
  • Managing Practice Settings 
  • Checking your Practice Letterhead 
  • Checking your Email Signature 

Refer to Learn to complete the Getting Started as an FYI Admin eLearning course. 

Refer to Onboarding and follow our process to configure FYI, migrate your documents and onboard your team.

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