June 2020 Release Notes Continued




  • When sending a Draft in FYI email that has the workflow Status of "Pending Approval" , this automatically changes the workflow Status to "Approved". Refer to Approving Emails and Documents.

  • When creating emails in FYI, or when using Reply, you can add email addresses as CC or BCC. When the email has been created, the recipients display in the header of the email in the Preview pane. They can also be displayed and changed in the People section of the drawer. Refer to Recipients and Draft in FYI in Creating an Email in FYI.

  • In the Automations - Create Email step, Send via is now labelled Send attachment(s). Refer to Automation Process Steps.

  • For new installations, the Collaborate filing structure for Co-edit defaults to Cabinet, Group Name and Client Name and for Share this defaults to Group Name then Client Name. 

Resolved Issues

  • When an email is set with a workflow Status "Completed", "Approved", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed" the email shows as locked in the same way as documents.  When the Status is "Pending Approval" it also displays as locked for all users apart from any users with an Approval Level of Approver.
  • When uploading or exporting templates, dots in filenames are no longer replaced with underscore.



  • The My Workflows tab now displays any emails or documents that are for your attention in the workflow process. It now displays emails or documents with a workflow Status of "Pending Approval" or "Changes Requested" and where you have been assigned either as the Approver, or where you are the Owner.
    - This allows an Approver to see any emails or documents which are waiting their approval, or where they have requested changes.
    - It also allows a user who is the Owner of any emails or documents that are still pending approval,  or where changes have been requested.
    Refer to Reviewing and Approving Emails and Documents.

  • Approver has been added to the Workflow section in automation steps. This can be set to a specific person or it can be set as "Manager" to set the owner as the relative client's manager, or as "Partner". As default, it is set as no approver selected. Refer to Automation Process Steps.

  • When using a filter for columns such as Created By or Modified By, you can set System only to show only those emails or document that have been created or modified by the System, such as when they are created by an Automation Process. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.

  • When mapping the folder structure for sending documents via OneDrive, the Share folder structure in Automations - Collaborate must be set up with Group Name and then Client Name as the first two levels. If a level in the filing structure does not exist in the filing details of a document (for example, the client Group) Collaborate with ignore this level and create the next level down. Refer to Sending Documents via OneDrive.
  • When scrolling down in the Editor (in the Preview pane) the tool bar is now fixed at the top of the panel.

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected issues where the calendar for Due Date in the Task drawer displayed incorrectly.
  • When replying to received email that has been filed in FYI using Draft in Outlook, the sender of the email is now used, not the address of the client that the email was filed to.
  • Corrected an issue where in some instances the FYI login in Excel and Word did not close.
  • When creating a reply to an email from a task, this is now created correctly with the filing details of the email being replied to.
  • Corrected error on Bulk Update when this was closed without running and then opened a second time.
  • Corrected the preview of a draft email where the Comments overlapped the preview of the email.
  • Client start date now reflecting the correct date in the Jobs board.
  • Filter drawer in the Client - Documents tab now displays all the Cabinets when there are more than 16.
  • Client name is now correctly on notification email if no user is assigned to the document.



  • Job Link added to the Jobs List. This creates a hyperlink to the selected job within FYI. The Job Link is copied to your clipboard and can be pasted outside of FYI. A Job Link can be used in emails to other internal users, as a reference to the document ensuring they access the most recent version. When a user is directed to the job via a Job Link, this opens the Jobs list with the relevant job selected and the drawer open.
  • Tools in the Task Details have changed. The Details editor is now rich text. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Resolved Issues

  • Tags field now displays in Word and Excel (both Online and Desktop).
  • Client now included in the Automations - History tab.



  • Tags tab added to Settings - Practice Settings - Documents - Tags. An FYI Admin can also use this to add, change or delete Tags. Refer to Using Tags.

  • Email Templates and Email Signatures now show the text in the template editor as Rich Text so it displays in the way that the email will be created. You can also copy and paste existing formatted text from Office programs and any formatting is reflected in the editor.

  • In a user's My Settings, the Status tab has been included. This is status page that provides a snapshot summary of all critical dependencies and configurations for the user. For each dependency or configuration this shows a check icon of either green, yellow or red. Users can access the Health tab themselves so they can self-diagnose and rectify issues where possible. Refer to Individual Settings.
  • You can use drag and drop and Upload to import emails, for example emails from a shared mailbox, historical emails etc). Emails that are imported cannot be threaded with the original email.

    When filing an email that has been imported with Upload or Drag and Drop, a message displays at bottom of drawer, "Please note: emails imported using drag and drop or uploaded are a new copy which will not thread with the original email."

    For emails, the Activity section in the drawer shows "Manually uploaded document" to show that the email was created using drag and drop/Upload. Refer to Drag and Drop and Bulk Upload to a Client.

  • When creating a new view, the browser is automatically reloaded so the new created view automatically displays to the user. Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.
  • Documents can be sent via OneDrive to a guest. Sending a link to an Outlook account which is from a different organisation asks for the passcode the first time. Sending the email with the link a second time gives direct access to link. It only asks for the passcode the first time. Refer to Sending Documents via OneDrive.

Resolved Issues

  • Opening a Job in a new tab now works correctly in Chrome.
  • Any replies to an email that has been imported with drag and drop no longer leave the reply as "Draft".
  • When creating a Task for an email or document, the Task drawer now displays the client name.
  • When a document is displaying the Locked icon, this no longer moves when hovering over the document to display the vertical ellipsis icon.
  • The Documents list no longer moves when highlighting a document.
  • In Notifications, when there are more than 50 items, clicking Mark All Read now marks all the notifications as read without reloading the next page.
  • Workflow status for DocuSign now updates correctly from 'Pending Client Signature' to 'Client Signed' if the originator is not an approver, or if the OneDrive account is of another user.
  • The Bulk Update drawer no longer disappears when changing the page order in Jobs and Tasks.



  • Client Security has been added to the Client workspace. The Client - Security tab allows you to limit complete access to that client to one or more specific users.

    The Client - Security tab can only be accessed by an FYI Admin. But an FYI Admin can give security access to a client to any other user, not only to FYI Admins. Refer to Client Security.

    Important Note: When Client Security is enabled for a client, only the users who have been given access will see any information about the client. Any other users, including an FYI Admin, will not see the client in the Clients List or in any other lists, and it will not show in any searches. All information is hidden from all users except those who have been given specific access. Only one of the users who has been given access to the client can disable security.
    Client Security is only available if your FYI subscription level is "Pro".

  •  You can now use the Workflow for Phone Calls, File Notes or Meetings. Setting the Workflow Status to "Completed", "Approved", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed" for a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting will lock the details so these cannot be changed. Refer to Using the Workflow for Approval - Examples, Creating a Phone Call Record, Creating a File Note and Creating a Meeting Record.

  • For archived clients only, the Name of the client can be changed in the Client - Summary (refer to Archived Clients). If clients are imported as part of the migration and cannot be matched, they are imported as temporary clients which are automatically shown as archived. Changing the name can be useful if they have been imported with Client Codes as the names. Refer to Resolving Unmatched Clients



  • When setting up the structure for Co-edit, a function Update cabinet folders has been added to the Co-edit tab in the Collaborate process in Automation. This creates the relevant folders in the designated OneDrive for your cabinets. You can then set the security for any folders as needed.
  • When linking your practice's OneDrive, if you need to change the Admin user, this can be done by clicking the Change link. This needs to be done with caution as this can cause files to be unavailable that have already been sent to the current OneDrive account. Refer to Link and Share your Practice's OneDrive Account.
  • Before deleting a Cabinet, if you are removing a Cabinet that is already assigned to any clients or users, these are displayed so you can reassign the default to a new cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets.
  • A new Merge Field Client Name has been added to the Email Templates. This can be used so that the name of the client, as held in FYI, is shown if an email is addressed to a different email address to that of the client. Refer to Creating Email Templates and including Merge Fields.
  • When creating Word, Spreadsheet and Presentation documents, you can select the Opening Method after Creating as Do not open to create the document without opening it. This is useful, for example, when creating a document with a template or if you want to return to it later to make changes. Refer to Creating Documents in FYI.

Resolved Issues

  • Emails created by Automation are now correctly file to a Job, if relevant.
  • When using merge fields in email templates for any Xero Practice Manager custom fields that are dates, these are now shown in the format in which they are held, not in mm/dd/yyyy.
  • If the desktop system clock is incorrect, when trying to open a document now displays message "Failed to verify user identity, please check local system clock is correct before trying again."
  • When using the Editor pane, closing the Editor now works correctly without losing any text that has been entered.
  • Workflow status for DocuSign now updates correctly from 'Pending Client Signature' to 'Client Signed' if the originator is not an approver.
  • Spaces are no longer replaced with underscore in functions such as Export, download template, email attachments, Adobe Sign/DocuSign documents, FYI - My Edits folder.



  • Addition of the Search function in the menu bar to search for Groups, Clients and Jobs. Refer to Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation.
  • When creating and updating templates, the Type is no longer needed. This is set automatically as Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation according to the type of file that is added to the template. Refer to Creating Templates for Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • You can format numerical email merge fields, for example for currency amounts, so the result includes commas and brackets for negative amounts. Guidelines for these are in the Formatting section of the Merge Fields in the Email Template. Refer to Creating Templates for Excel with Merge Fields.
  • A check is made when creating an email that the selected client has an email address. If the client does not have an email address you can add this by typing directly in the Email. Refer to Creating an Email in FYI.
  • When using the Filter on a column, if there are more than 15 entries than can be displayed in the filter, the Load More link displays. This is now available on columns. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.

Resolved Issues

  • Zapier app used to set up the Zapier integration is now displaying correctly.
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