August 2019 Release Notes Continued



  • Added the Read button to open one or more documents as Read Only. This can be used for Emails and documents. It allows you to open the documents for read only without locking the document from other users for edit access. The documents open in separate tabs in your browser. This allows you to tab through the open documents. Refer to Viewing Documents as Read Only.
  • Added the Group Members section in the Client Summary which displays a list of all the clients that are members of the same Client Group as the displayed client. You can click on a client in the Group Members for quick access to display that client. Refer to Displaying Documents and Information for a Client.
  • Added Custom Fields to the merge fields selection in templates.
    If you are using Custom Fields in Xero Practice Manager, Merge Fields for these can also be included in Stationery and Templates and these need to be added to a Template in a specific format. Refer to  Creating Stationery and Templates with Merge Fields and Creating Email Templates and including Merge Fields.

  • Stapled Documents. You can use the Staple function to staple a set of associated emails and/or documents together. This can be used to represent the documents being sent together. It is also useful to collate documents to send for internal review. Refer to Stapled Documents.




  • Additional colours, such as "Blue", "Grey", "Silver", "Teal", "Black", have been added to the Job States. Refer to Job States.


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