"Could not find task" in the Automation Process History


When a Process has been run, in the Process History, the step that created a Task is showing the error:

  • "Could not find task"


This could be caused by either:

  • The Cabinet selected in the Process Step has been deleted after the process was created, and the process has not yet been updated to select another cabinet
  • The Task created by the process has been deleted.


Cabinet was deleted

If the Cabinet has been deleted, you will need to stop the existing process, update the settings, and then run the updated process.

Note: Using the "Retry" function in the Automation Process History will attempt to run the process using the existing settings (and missing Cabinet), and will cause the same error to occur. 

  1. From the Automation menu, edit the Automation Process.
  2. Edit the Create Task step
  3. In the Filing section, select the Cabinet to file the task against.
    If you do not want to file the Task against a Cabinet, delete the selection by clicking the X next to it.

This will 'reset' the selection of the Cabinet in the Process. Refer to Running Custom Processes.

Task has been deleted

If the task has been deleted you will need to rerun the process. To resolve the issue:

  1. Locate the affected process from the Automation menu - History tab, or from within the Client on the History tab.
  2. Tick the box to select the process to be stopped.
  3. Click the Stop button.
  4. Tick the same process to run that process again (ensure you don't select any other processes).
  5. Click the Run Again option. The process will be run again from the start.
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