Why does the Draft Filed View not indicate which documents are in a particular user's In Tray?


I am using the Draft Filed view in the documents list to see which documents are currently in users' In Trays. For some documents, the Draft Filed view does not show the name of the user that the document is currently sitting with. It only shows the original owner of the document and the name of the last user who modified the document.


The Owner of the documents has been changed using the drawer or using Bulk Update. The document remains in the original user's In Tray, but the Draft Filed view is reflecting the updated document Owner.


To ensure that the document is moved to the In Tray of the correct Owners, use the Move function instead of Bulk Update. Refer to Moving Emails/Document to another User's In Tray in Managing your In Tray.

An additional cause can be where documents have been auto-filed to a cabinet that the user does not have permission to access (refer to Why does the Draft Filed view show documents for users but those users do not have any documents in their In Tray?).

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