Announcing Import of Automations



We’re excited to announce our latest feature in Automations - Import. This puts sample automations created by the FYI team at your fingertips, ready to test and activate, or customise to suit your practice. 

Guided by the Import Wizard, you can now import our sample automations into your FYI platform with just a few mouse clicks!  

The imported automation includes the filter and trigger you need, and makes full use of process steps such as create emails, create tasks, and automatic job updates. And for the more sophisticated automations, we’ve also used the execute process step to launch a second automation.

And it doesn’t stop there. Any email or document templates used in the automation will be available for import too. You only need to review, customise and activate!  

Sample automations ready for import include: 

  • new client onboarding 
  • quarterly report reminders 
  • year-end compliance job - kick off 
  • year-end compliance job – start to finish  
  • new entity establishment 

And this is only the start, our library of sample automations will continue to grow. 

Most of these sample automations can easily be re-purposed. For example, a quarterly reports reminder can easily be customised and adapted for any client reminders you send.  


What does this mean for FYI users? 

  • Minimal setup time - simply review the automation and templates, test and make active. 
  • Instant access to email and document templates used in each automation - all customisable to suit your practice. 
  • Access import files and quick reference guides from the Help Centre. 
  • Easy way to start using automations to improve productivity, consistency and client service levels in your practice. 

Who is this available for? 

Automation Imports is available to practices on the Pro plan. 

To import an automation, users must be an FYI Admin or have Automations, Views and Templates permissions enabled.

Want to get started? 

Read more about Importing Automationsaccess the custom process import files and start automating your practice today! 

We will continue to add more sample automations to the Help Centre, so recommend that you check back regularly to see what’s new. Or join our Facebook User Community to be alerted when a new automation is released. 

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