September and October 2021: What’s New and Improved




It was another busy few months at FYI - the length of my retro is a testament to the hard work of the team. We continued to improve existing features and released some amazing new ones in September and October (special call out to the new hyperlink of emails and phone numbers, as an all-time favourite)!

We also welcomed AccountKit and myprosperity to the FYI family.

The AccountKit integration allows users to complete work more efficiently – linking source documents in FYI to AccountKit, importing reports directly into FYI, and opening a client’s workspace in FYI with a single click from within AccountKit. Refer to Integration with AccountKit.

The myprosperity integration allows FYI users to take client engagement to the next level. Have your clients sign documents, share documents with your client or have their uploaded documents imported back to FYI. Refer to Integration with myprosperity.

Here are a few other new things you can do in FYI:   

  • Use the FYI Desktop App to edit any FYI document independently of OneDrive. This is especially useful for editing PDFs using your default PDF editor. Refer to FYI Desktop App.


  • Enable AutoArchive Documents from your Practice Settings to automatically archive documents when a client is archived in your practice management software. This can also be used to archive documents using Bulk Update. All archived documents can still be accessed using the "Archived" view in documents lists. Refer to AutoArchive Client Documents.

  • Use the Support Request icon in the FYI Drawer to lodge a support request with our team. This opens the Support Request drawer and automatically adds a link to the user’s location, giving the support team direct access to the area you need assistance with. The Support Request option is also available from the Help icon. Refer to Sending a Support Request.


  • Display Practice Activity from the Practice workspace. This is a summary of any updates to and from your practice management software and other app integrations. Clicking on an entry displays the drawer with a summary of the activity. This is useful if you wish to see the details of any activities that may have failed. It is visible to FYI Admins only. Refer to Practice Activity.

Other recent highlights include:


  • The Partner and Manager for a Client can be updated from the Client - Summary tab. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, this will sync the change to Xero Practice Manager. This feature is available to FYI Admins, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Clients. Refer to Client Summary.

  • In the Clients list and Client Summary tab you can now click the following hyperlinks:
    • Email - clicking the link opens the Create Email drawer with the client and email address already populated.
    • Phone Number and Mobile Number - if your computer has a phone registered on it, this now automatically loads your phone application and makes the connection with the selected number. It also opens the Create Phone drawer with the client and the phone or mobile number already added. 
    • Refer to Using the Clients Listsand Client Summary.

  • In the Clients list, the Mobile phone number can now be included as a column.

  • Addition of a new column - Primary Client - in the Clients list or when displaying the Group from the Clients tab. This new feature allows users to choose the Primary Client for a Group by clicking the indicator in the column to mark the Primary. Only one client within the Group can be marked as the Primary Client. As an example, Primary Client can be used as a filter for an Automation to send out a bulk email and should only be sent to one client within the Group. Refer to Using the Clients Lists.

  • Updates have been made to the Process History Checklist in the Client and Job Process History tab:
    • Steps are colour coded to signify their status: Green = Success, Grey = In Progress, Red = Error, White = Stopped.
    • Additional details now display in the Task column including assignee and due date.
    • When there is a Task that is blocking the process, it shows with an icon as information in the Process History Checklist.
    • Refer to Client Process History Checklist.

Search and Retrieval

  • The Expand Column function is now available to the Client and Group columns on all views. The view can be saved with the Client Name or Group column expanded by selecting Save Advance Search option in Save View. Refer to Using the Clients Lists.

  • The Filter Drawer in the Documents workspaces has been enhanced. Filters can now be applied to Cabinet Explorer and Applied Filters. When selections are made from the Filter Drawer, the document lists and the filters in the columns are updated automatically as you make your selections.


  • The Job Partner and Manager can now be updated from the Job - Summary tab. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, this will sync the change to Xero Practice Manager. This feature is available to FYI Admins or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Jobs. Refer to Job Summary.


  • In any Task list in your FYI, when a Task has been created by an Automation, the View Process Checklist icon displays. Clicking the icon will open the Process History Checklist. Refer to the Displaying a Practice-wide Tasks List.


  • Making a change to an "Active" process (other than to the Process Name, Owner or Start From date) will automatically set the Status to "Draft". A message displays as a reminder that it is in a draft status when you click the Back button or when you leave the page. Refer to Setting up Automation Processes.

  • A Stop step is now available in custom processes. This can be used to stop an active process where the trigger is no longer relevant. For example, the process is running based on a job view. A job is no longer in that view, so the process stops because the trigger used to start the process is no longer relevant. Refer to Automation Process Steps.

  • When saving an existing view that is used in Automations, a message now displays and shows the names of the Automations in which it is used. Clicking the link in the message displays that Process but does not save the changes to the view. Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

GreatSoft Integration

Practice Settings

  • An Edit Clients permission in User Groups is now available. This permission allows users to update the Partner and Manager for a client. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  • A new Edit Jobs permission in User Groups has been added. This permission allows users in that group to update the Partner and Manager for a Job. All users can still update Job State. Refer to Managing User Groups.

For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to September 2021 Release Notes and  October 2021 Release Notes.  



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