Why am I prompted to login with my email address and then get the error "Access denied" when opening an Excel document?

When I open an Excel document from FYI, I am prompted to login with my email address and then I get the error "Access denied".

The Excel document in FYI is referencing external links that no longer exist, or are unable to be accessed as they reference an old data source. If one or more of the data sources are SharePoint related, this is why you are being asked to login.

You have 2 options:

  • Remove the links completely.
  • Update the links to the correct workbook in FYI or location.

Refer to the following Microsoft article on how to update or delete the links contained within a workbook.

If you choose to update the links, you will need to make sure that the referenced Excel workbook in FYI is open in Co-edit. Leaving the workbook in Co-edit allows it to be accessed and updated.  Refer to Co-editing Excel Spreadsheets with Linked Cells, Macros and other Controls, or Links to specific Worksheets and to the FAQ How can I update Excel spreadsheets with links and external references to other spreadsheets?.


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