November 2021 Release Notes




  • In Automation Processes:

    • In the Create Email step, additional Recipients can be selected. This can be set as the "Client Email" (as relevant for the client selected for the process), an "Internal User" or for any other email. Each of the recipients can be set as To, CC or BCC. Refer to Create Email in Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks

    • In a Summary Notification, a Custom Message can now be included. This displays below the link in the Notification in FYI and in an email that is sent as notification from the process. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

    • A Process can now be used to create a Phone Call or File Note and the Create Phone and Create Note steps are now included. Refer to Create Phone, Create Note, Create Meeting in Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks

  • New permission in User Groups for Practice Activity.
    A user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Practice Activity will have access to the functions in Practice menu, as well as FYI Admins. Refer to Practice Activity and to Managing User Groups.

  • New Process Details - Activity tab displays when editing an Automation Process. This displays audit information about when the Process was created, all changes that were made to that Process and the user who made the changes. Refer to Process History and Activity.


  • When creating an email from a Template that contains Merge Fields for either of the Shared Folder or the Upload Folder, the Merge Field is blank if there is no share link available .
  • In the Alter Document step of a Process, removing the Owner leaves this set as "Don't Update" and no longer set it back to "System".
  • When using Doc Link - Open and pasting the link to a new browser tab, this now opens the document and no longer redirects to the document.
  • In the FYI Migration app, excluded documents are no longer being counted in or appearing in the warning documents.
  • Removing an attachment from a forwarded email no longer refreshes the screen or closes the drawer.
  • Screenshots can now be pasted into the details of a Task.



  • Update to the layout of the Jobs Board to include colour coding for the Variance and Due Date. Where a Budget has been entered against the job, this displays. The Comments icon displays where a comment has been added to the job and, when clicked, the Comments tab and Job drawer display ready for use. The Job ID and the initials of the Assigned User(s) are also included. Refer to Using the Jobs Board.



  • In Automation Processes, for steps that create documents, the Workflow Status is now set as default to "Not Started". Refer to Workflow in Steps in Process Step Details - Creating Documents and Tasks.
  • In your Home - My Time, the Submit Drafts button has been re-enabled. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, this allows you to bulk submit to Xero Practice Manager all the Draft time entries for that date that are complete. Refer to Submitting all Draft Time Entries for a Day in Displaying and Updating Time and to Submitting the Time in Adding Bulk Time Entries.
  • In the Clients List, the Merge function now refers to Merge To Client instead of Primary Client. Refer to Merge Clients.
  • When using the Support Request function from within FYI, screenshots cannot be pasted into the Body. Refer to Sending a Support Request.



  • New Process Details - History tab displays the history for the specific Process when the Process is being edited from Automations. It is used as an audit, and to monitor what the processes has been run for. It is also used to check if there were any errors for the specific Process. Refer to Setting up Automation Processes, Process History and Automation History
    Clicking Back from the open Process re-displays the Automation Dashboard.
    Note: The additional Activity tab (as shown in the help examples) will be released shortly.

  • New feature Create Jobs and the new Create Jobs permission in User Groups.
    FYI Admins, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Create Jobs, can add Jobs directly from FYI. They are added by clicking the + button and selecting Job from the list of document types, or by clicking Add Job on the Jobs list or the Jobs Board. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Jobs added in FYI are synchronised to your Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Create Job in FYI and to Managing User Groups.


  • When sharing the shared folders with a client, in the Client - Collaborate tab, if for any reason shared Folders cannot be created, a Fix Me button displays. Clicking the Fix Me button will correct the error. Refer to Fixing an Error with the Share Folders in Sharing the Share Folder with the Client.

  • In the Automation Process step Update Client, this now also allows any type of Client Custom Field to be updated by the Process. Also, more than one Client Custom Field can be updated. Refer to Update Client in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • FYI Admins and users in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Jobs can now update the Partner and Manager in the Job drawer, as well as from the Job - Summary tab. Refer to Using the Job Drawer.

  • The buttons for Hide/Unhide the inactive jobs in the Jobs list and Jobs Board, and Hide/Unhide inactive users in the Users list, Hide/Unhide the archived states in Job States and Hide/Unhide the Archived Templates in Knowledge Templates now show as an "eye" icon and these icons change to indicate which has been selected. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists, Managing Users, Managing Job States and Using the Knowledge Templates List.

  • Clients that do not belong to a group are now automatically set as the Primary Client. The Primary Client indicator in the Clients list displays as a grey checkmark. Refer to Using the Clients Lists.

  • The Support Request icon is now available in the Job drawer. Refer to Sending a Support Request.

  • When opening a draft email from FYI and making changes, there are now separate buttons for Send and Draft in FYI . The Draft in Outlook option is displayed by clicking the button next to Draft in FYI. When using the Preview full screen, then closing the browser tab to close the Preview, this now correctly saves the changes. Refer to Creating an Email in FYI.

  • When an update is available for FYI Desktop App, the icon in the Windows taskbar now displays with an up arrow to indicate this is available Refer to FYI Desktop App.


  • Excel .xlsm macro files cannot now be imported into FYI using Upload. A message displays “Excel xlsm spreadsheets cannot be imported using the FYI drawer. Please drag and drop to import instead.”
  • Correction to an error where .xlsm files were imported as legacy files when imported from FYI- My Imports,
  • Correction to an error when doing a Bulk Update of Job States.
  • When using a filtered documents view, selecting a document to open the FYI Drawer, then changing the filter option while the FYI drawer is open, this no longer removes the filters and no longer resets the view back to the default.



  • In a Custom Process, a Task View can now be used as a Filter. When a Task View is selected, the Summary Notification step can be added to the Process. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications. For an example of using a Task View as a filter in an Automation Process with a Summary Notification, refer to Overdue Task Reminder.

  • When a Custom Process is filtered on a Job View, the Summary Notification step can now be selected. This can be used, for example, to send out a notification if a critical change has been made to Jobs. For example, if a Job has moved to a certain State such as "Ready for Billing", or if the Due Date of a Job has changed, the Summary Notification can be sent to the people who need to be notified about the changes. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

  • For practices that have the FYI integration with myprosperity, for a Custom Process that is set up with the Filter of a Document View, there is an additional Application included for myprosperity. This allows you to add a Share Document step to an Automation Process. This is used to share a document from the filter directly to myprosperity without sending an email. Refer to myprosperity Functions in Automation Process Steps and myprosperity Share Document in Process Step Details - Other Functions.


  • From the Clients list, Client - Summary and Client Group - Clients you can click the Phone number or Mobile number link. If your computer has a phone registered on it, this now automatically loads your phone

    application and makes the connection with the phone or mobile number added directly from the link. This also creates a Phone Call record within FYI and automatically adds to the Create Phone drawer the client and the phone or mobile number that you clicked. Refer to Using the Clients Lists, Client Summary and Displaying Information for Client Groups.

  • In an Automation Process that is filtered with a Documents View, in the Alter Document step the options for Cabinet in the Filing section and the options for Owner, Approver and Workflow status in the Workflow section can now be set as "Don't Update". These no longer require a selection to be made a part of the Alter Document step. Setting these as "Don't Update" will leave what is already selected for the documents. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

  • In the Clients list and Jobs list, for any Custom Fields that hold a list of values (where the Custom Field is a Drop-down or a Checkbox) and they are included as a column, the Filter allows you to select one or more of the options as Include or Exclude. This can be used for example, if you are setting up an Automation Process to send out an email and you need to ensure that the email is not sent to a client who is set with "Opt In" set to "No". You can filter the Client view on the "Opt In" Custom Field set to Exclude the value "No". This will then only include any that are set to Yes, or that do not have a setting, but will exclude any clients where Opt In is set to "No" .
    Refer to Filtering as Include/Exclude on "List" Custom Fields in Clients and Jobs Views in Sorting and Filtering.

  • The Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields now include a Search field. Refer to Client Custom Fields and Job Custom Fields.

  • The FYI Desktop App now gives a message in the FYI Desktop Window when there is a new version to be updated. In order to apply this new version, users will need to click the restart now link in the FYI Desktop Window, then exit and restart the FYI Desktop App. The app will then be self-maintaining. This also applies to users who have been originally installed using the MSI. Refer to Updates to the FYI Desktop App and Exiting FYI Desktop App and Restarting in FYI Desktop App.

  • In the Xero Practice Manager app, a new option has been added Maintain Jobs in FYI. This is set to "Off" as default. When Maintain Jobs in FYI is set as "On", the Sync function is not available in the Jobs list and in the Client - Jobs tab in the Client workspace. This disables the option for users to manually Sync Jobs and ensures that any changes made to Jobs in FYI, such as the Job State, are not updated back to the original state in Xero Practice Manager if a manual Job Sync is requested before the change in FYI has been updated to Xero Practice Manager.
    Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

  • When sharing the Share Folders with a client, if for any reason the Share Folders cannot be created, an error message now displays. Refer to Sharing the Share Folder with the Client.

  • In the FYI Migration:
    • The Migration Audit Report is now automatically uploaded as a document within the practice's FYI. Refer to Implementors: Migration Audit Report.
    • Once the FYI Migrate app is installed, it will auto-update with the new versions. Refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data.
    • The document migration for databases (MYOB, VirtualCabinet, Invu, Cougar, etc) will now migrate all valid documents (such as all emails and the latest versions of documents). All documents are migrated, regardless of the actual filename or file extension of the file. Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?.


  • In the Filter Drawer, the Applied Filters now includes all the Categories, including those that were not already selected as columns in the view. If the Applied Filters section is expanded when the Cabinet Explorer is expanded, this is automatically collapsed.

  • In the Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields, this now shows the button at the bottom of the screen as Sync from PM.
  • Correction to the Home - Delegated Tasks tab so that only the user's delegated tasks are now shown.
  • The Home - My Time tab now shows the correct count and correct Time entries.


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