Can we include a link to the client's Share Folder or to the Upload Folder in an Automation or in a Template?

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We have a template to send a client, for example, a checklist for their Income Tax Return. Can we include a link to their Share Folder or Upload Folder (from Collaborate) so they can use this to access documents or to upload any supporting documents to send us?

No, the Upload Folder Link Merge Field {{ UploadFolderLink | web_link }} is used for the template that is used to send the email from the Sharing Settings in Client - Collaborate. The Share Folder Link and Upload Folder Link Merge Fields are not designed to work in an Automation or if the Template is selected when an email is created directly.

As a workaround, once the document or email has been created, and before it is sent. you can manually copy the upload link from the Collaborate Share Settings. Refer to Sending the Link to the Upload Folder Manually in Sharing the Upload Folder with the Client.

To ensure that this is not missed, you can add a Task to the automation to ensure that the link is copied to Upload Folder.


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