Installing the FYI Desktop App for MSI installation

The MSI installation is commonly used for deployments on shared workstations, terminal servers, etc. For individual devices, the exe version found in the FYI Desktop App guide should be used.

Installing the FYI Desktop Deployment Tool

To download the MSI installer for FYI Desktop App, click this link. This a perpetual link so you can download the latest version of this the next time you need to install the FYI Desktop Application.

To install FYI Desktop Deployment Tool:

  1. Run the MSI setup file on the terminal server
  2. The setup will quickly run install to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FYI Desktop Deployment', it will not ask for user input
  3. Log out > Log in
  4. FYI Desktop will install under the user's profile and also adds a shortcut to the desktop.
  5. The Settings display and once saved, the user can log into the FYI Desktop App.

Note: A script to install for all users is not required, the deployment tool will install FYI Desktop to the user's %appdata% folder upon logging in. 

We highly recommend that the practice's proxy and firewall settings and group policies are configured to ensure users experience optimum results using the FYI Desktop App. Refer to Configuring proxy and firewall settings for FYI Desktop App and A group policy is preventing the FYI Desktop App versions from automatically updating.

Once deployed, the FYI Desktop Application will automatically install any updates so that the user is always running the latest version.

Important: If the MSI version was installed on a personal laptop or workstation in error, it will need to be uninstalled so the .exe version can be installed.

  1. Uninstall FYI Desktop and FYI Desktop Deployment Tool from Windows Add/Remove Programs
  2. Locate the directory %localappdata%\FYIDesktop
  3. Delete the whole directory
  4. Download the latest version of the FYI Desktop App and install the FYI Desktop App again from the latest download (refer to FYI Desktop App).

Apply a Group Policy to mange the Document Path

If you are wish to apply a Group Policy to centrally manage the Document Path variable within the FYI Desktop App, the folder and file you need are:

File path: %appdata%\Roaming\FYI Desktop

File name: settings.json

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