Why are the FYI screens or the FYI icons not displaying as they should when using the Chrome browser?

When using the Chrome browser, some areas of the FYI screen are not displaying as they should. They display correctly when using a different browser.

This could be where the headings of the tabs in FYI, the menu items and the FYI buttons do not display as they should and the screen appears to be squashed.

Or if the FYI icons, such as in the menu and the tools at the top of the views, are not displaying correctly and they are appearing as squares or blank boxes.

Causes and Solutions
If the screen appears squashed:

  • Check the settings in Chrome if the font size has been set to other than the recommended setting of Medium. In Chrome - Settings - Appearance, set the Font size to "Medium".

If the FYI icons are appearing as squares or blank boxes:

This issue is generally caused by a browser extension.

  1. To identify the extension, open FYI in Chrome in Incognito mode.
  2. Ensure no plugins are enabled to work in Incognito mode.
  3. Then in normal mode, turn off all plug-ins.
  4. If this resolves the issue, turn the plug-ins back on one by one to identify which plug-in is causing the issue with FYI.


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