Announcing our new integration with myprosperity




FYI now integrates with myprosperity, a sophisticated client portal that makes it easy for practices to work together with their clients and key stakeholders, maximising efficiencies and scaling their level of engagement.

What does this mean for FYI users?

Invite your clients to sign documents within myprosperity. Once signed, documents will be automatically pulled back into FYI and threaded with the original - in the same way that our existing digital signing platform integrations work.

You can also use the new myprosperity integration for document exchange - sending documents to the client or receiving them via upload.


Who is this available for?

This integration is available to all users on the Pro plan.

You must hold a current subscription for myprosperity.

To find out more, please visit myprosperity.


Want to get started?

An FYI Admin will first need to connect your myprosperity account to FYI and complete the client set up.

Refer to Integration with myprosperity to find out how.

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