When an Automation Process is running, if I make changes manually will this break the Automation?

From time to time, you may need to make a change to a process that's already running, for example, to change the status of a job. 

In these situations, the automation will continue running, and apply the steps as defined in the process.

However, whether the changes are applied to the process currently running will depend on the steps in the process and what changes had been made.

Changes to Steps

If a change is made to the steps in the process, the original steps are applied from when the process started, not the changed step. Re-running the process after making the change will use the settings in the original step and it will not use the changed setting.

For example, a Process originally had a step that created an email with "Draft in Outlook". This step was changed to "Draft in FYI" while the process was running. As the process is already underway the email will be created using "Draft in Outlook".

Clicking the Retry button will not apply the changes - the process will use the existing settings from when the process began. 

To apply new changes to steps you should first use the Test feature in the process to confirm the changes have been applied, then re-trigger the automation.

Changes to data

If a change is made to the data, it will depend on whether the step has already been completed.

For example, a Custom Process was created to select certain Jobs using a view based on a job's status, and then perform actions on those selected jobs. If the status of a job was changed while the Process is running to remove the job from the view, the process may have already selected the jobs and begun to process the actions.

In this case, the action may still be applied to that Job, despite it not matching the original view criteria. 

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